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Display Social Media Feeds In Live Events

Have you thought about an innovative way of boosting participation in your event? No? We are here to save the day. Here we will discuss one of the trending ways of making your event successful, i.e., using social media walls on your digital signage. Whether you are organizing an online event, offline event, or hybrid event marketing, using a social media feed will help you make it more engaging.

For creating a social media feed, don’t worry; you don’t need any technical skills. With the help of social media aggregator tools, you can easily create a social media feed.

Read on to understand how displaying social media at live events will benefit you and how you can create one.

Benefits of Displaying Social Media Feed on Live Events

Since this is a new and innovative concept, event hosts are sceptical about using it in their live events. But trust us, it has a lot of benefits and brings exceptional results in terms of visibility and engagement by the audience. 

1. Engage Attendees with Interactive Social Media Feed

Keeping the attention of attendees on the main event is very important for event organizers. And using a well-curated social wall on display will do the trick.

It is very effective because people already love consuming social media content. You have to leverage it the right way and keep your event attendees engaged.

2. Share Sponsored Social Media Posts

We just discussed how displaying a social media feed on your live event will keep the audience engaged, and that’s why it is the best space to show sponsored brand posts. It will increase the visibility of the sponsored content. Your sponsors will be well impressed with this idea and would want to collaborate with you. 

3. Increase Participation

Displaying social feed on live events encourages your audience to share more posts and stories on social media and tag your brand. So, directly it increases the user-generated content for your brand. 

You can get more participation from your audience and even collaborate with influencers. A good idea would be to hold contests on social media during the live event. Ask your event attendees to share the entries on social media during the contest itself. Then you can show them on your social media feed running on the display wall.

4. Repurpose Your Social Media Content

If you use a display screen for your event, you will need content to present on it. So why not use your already existing social media content and new UGC content for it? It will save your time and energy in creating new creatives.

5. Builds Brand Identity and Social Proof

One purpose that displaying social media feeds on live events will serve is building brand identity. Your brand will come across as highly interactive to your audience. People will want to engage with your content and learn more about your product/services.

Displaying social media UGC on the live event will also act as social proof for your brand. Your audience will believe that you are a reliable brand with an existing brand presence.

Tools to Use to Display Social Media Feeds in Live Events

For displaying the social media content on your next live event, you will need the support of a reliable social media aggregator tool. Here are a few top recommendations from us:

1. Taggbox 

First on the list is the best UGC platform – Taggbox. From local to global brands, all types of businesses are using it for integrating social media walls in their live events.

The best thing is that it serves more purposes with its advanced functions. You can also get detailed insights into the UGC created by your audience. Taggbox offers you to moderate and customize your social media feed displayed on the digital signage very easily. 

You can also collect the UGC and use it for marketing purposes by requesting the content rights directly from the user. It is like free marketing material for your brand.

2. Everwall

Second on the list is Everwall, another tool for social media walls. It offers a lot of customization features so you can make a beautiful social wall for your event. Everwall also provides features for advertising and sponsored posts.

This tool works in real-time, literally. The performance is quick and reliable for Everwall. 


Finally, last on the list is It is a very easy-to-use social media aggregator tool. offers a lot of filters to sort only the best posts for your feed. You will also get a good customization editor that will help you convert raw content into the beautifully presented social wall. 

The six wall themes are enough to change the appearance of your social wall. You can also automate a lot of features.

Over to You

Summing up here, in this blog post, we have discussed a lot of reasons why displaying social media walls in your live event will benefit you. Now that you know why it is a good idea to share a well-curated social media wall at your live event, you can start planning on using it. We have shared a few tools that will help you with it. Make sure you select the right tool.

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