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Dunstable Taxis : Driver Safety And Wellbeing

The anxiety and fear caused by coronavirus are being felt by all people around the globe. We are aware that it is particularly worrying for those who use Dunstable Taxis Tiklacars. In these challenging times, your health and wellbeing are important to us which is why we’ve got a committed team that is here to help.

Dunstable Taxis

Dunstable Taxis : Driver Safety And Wellbeing
Dunstable Taxis

Protective Equipment For Personal Use (PPE) Suggestions

Our safety is our top first priority. Read on for a quick summary of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) instructions for Tiklacars maidenhead taxi who have decided to drive with Tiklacars throughout the crisis of COVID-19.

Protective equipment for personal use (PPE) Tiklacars Medics Regular Tiklacars Products

Use a general face mask or cover when driving. required

Use disposable gloves when driving. Required

Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands often while driving. Clean your car after every journey, with a particular focus on the areas where passengers may have touched, such as car doors, seat belts, and handles. Required Recommended

Use a disposable apron when cleaning your vehicle.

Use disposable gloves when cleaning your vehicle. Recommend

Spray antibacterial on the surface to wash the surfaces of your vehicle. Use a spray that is recommended

Mandatory Face-Covering Policy

Covers for faces or face masks are required for all riders or Tonbridge taxis on Tiklacars. This is to ensure your health and safety as well as the safety of the driver and you.

Face Covers For Riders

We have informed our riders through email, social media, and the Tiklacars application that masks and face covers are still required, and they must be aware of the rules. If you feel uneasy or you notice that a rider is not wearing a face mask or mask, cancel your trip and then notify Tiklacars’s support staff by selecting “No face cover or mask” as your reason for cancellation. The reason for cancellations like these does not count toward your cancellation cost and won’t count towards your eligibility to join Tiklacars Pro.

Important Details For Drivers

If you do not wear an eye mask or cover at the time you arrive at the location of pickup, a rider is also entitled to cancel their trip, and they won’t be charged a cancellation charge in the event of a cancellation.


It is mandatory to put on a face cover or mask while riding or maidenhead taxi on Tiklacars is not applicable when it isn’t appropriate for a rider to wear a mask or face covering due to less threatening circumstances like their health condition, age, or disabilities. Click here to learn more about the exemptions to wearing a face mask.

Pipe: Tips For Making Videos

What is the best way to wear a facial mask or cover?

How do you clean your car?

Purchasing PPE & PPE Reimbursement

We want to make sure that you are wearing the personal protective equipment (PPE) that we have listed above, which is why we’re now able reimbursement for the purchase of PPE to the maximum amount of PS25.

This reimbursement covers the cost of purchasing:

  • General protective masks
  • Gloves
  • Aprons

Additionally, drivers can take home a free set of wipes, hand gel as well as surface spray and face covers from selected Greenlight Hubs. It is contingent on availability.

How Do You Claim

For a one-time claim for up to PS25 for the cost of purchasing your own PPE items All you have to upload is the receipt, along with a photograph of the products you bought.

Who Is Entitled To Claim

  • You’ll require an account active at Tiklacars
  • You must have made one or more trips within the past 30 days.
  • You could also be eligible if are waiting to be notified of COVID-19

Receiving Your Reimbursement

You will get your PPE reimbursement within the next cycle of your payment.

Be sure to buy PPE that meets the necessary standards.

  • Masks: Purchase the masks with high resistance to fluids. Do not buy FFP2, N95, or FFP3 masks as they are essential for medical professionals and are not in stock.
  • Aprons: Aprons are disposable coveralls that repel fluids or long-sleeved gowns, and are intended for use during a single session only.
  • Gloves: Gloves must be recyclable (single usage only).


All PPE must be in compliance with British Standards (BS) or European Norms (EN) to ensure that it is in compliance with the standards of safety.

Sanitation Supplies Are Free At Our Hubs

In addition to getting reimbursed for PPE that is up to PS25 In addition, you are able to get a free kit of wipes, hand gel surface spray, cover-ups for your face in any among the Greenlight Hubs:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Bristol
  • Glasgow
  • Southampton

Based on availability. Terms and conditions apply.

Wellbeing Resources

We are aware that this can be a challenging moment for your family as well as you. If you believe that your coronavirus-related conditions have a negative impact on your mental wellbeing, you can contact someone at Minicabs Service UK at 116 123 or by visiting their site here. Help is also available on an official NHS website located here.

Place yourself in the back seat of the rider rule


New Capacity Of The Vehicle

For instance Tiklacars X, for instance. TiklacarsX can now carry three passengers instead of four while a Tiklacars XL can carry up to five passengers.

What Do You Do When An Individual Rider Is In The Front Seat?

If a passenger attempts to enter the front seat, or if the number of passengers is greater than the limit for your vehicle, clarify the back seat policy and tell the rider to either change their booking with a Tiklacars XL or to request an additional vehicle to accommodate the additional passengers. We’ve informed users of the change via email as well as on the Tiklacars app and in the Tiklacars app, so they are aware of the new policy.

It is possible for Tonbridge taxis to lock your doors to your front to ensure compliance with this law and you’re allowed to end the trip in the event that the person who is riding isn’t willing to follow the rules.  if applicable. The cancellation will not affect the status of your Tiklacars Pro status.

If You’re self-isolating From Covid-19 Symptoms, You’re Not Alone.

If you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 then you must self-refer to the Government to have a coronavirus test here. Then, continue to follow the self-isolation guidelines that are provided here.

Test Results

If the test results you received are negative, the government has advised you to be able to return to work if you wish to do so in the event that you are healthy enough, in accordance with the guidelines found here.

If the test results are positive, you must remain self-isolated according to the Government’s instructions.

If your illness gets more serious or you don’t improve after seven days, try to call NHS 111 online coronavirus service. You should only call 111 if you are unable to get help online. If you have a medical emergency, call the number 999.

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