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How are Protein Bars Important for Attaining Health Goals?

Nutritional bars available with a large amount of protein, carbohydrates/fats is called protein bars. This Product nowadays have become quite a popular snack. These little treats are formulated to be an effective source of protein. These nutritional bars are mostly preferred by people with busy schedules. This is because these bars offer to add protein to the diet quickly.

Nutrient Content of Protein Bars

The composition of nutrients in a protein bar might vary according to the flavours. Different brands also offer protein bars with varied nutrient content. This variation mainly results from using various ingredients. Most protein bars are made of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and dates. Whole grains like quinoa or oats are also important ingredients in these treats.

A protein bar on average consists of nutrients in different proportions. It contains fats of 5-10 grams, carbs of 25-35 grams and fibres of 5-10 grams. Along with protein and carbs, these treats also provides micronutrients. Micronutrients include iron, potassium, vitamin B and calcium. Calorie wise protein bars 150-400 units and protein of 10-20 grams.

The source of protein is various. Several protein bars are manufactured with milk, yoghurt powder and other dairy proteins. Examples of dairy protein are whey and casein. Other than these protein bar is also manufactured with brown rice, pea or soy. Again, some of these treats use egg white, seeds and nuts as the main protein source.

Reasons Why Protein Bar have an Upper Hand over the Rest

This Products are considered an equally healthy option like protein supplements. Following are some reasons why it is recommended for including in the regular diet.

  • Weight Loss Factor: It gives a feeling of being full for an elongated time. This helps in curbing the hunger pang at certain times. This leads to less intake of junk food and processed sugar items. The product also helps in boosting metabolism. It also contributes to maintaining muscle and strength. Several options are available for protein bars online India. They come in different tastes and regimes for weight loss.
  • Supports while Work Out: When you work out for fitness, you would need a large amount of protein. The protein bar act as a great help in this case. The nutrition value of protein bars helps in building muscle tissues. During the workout, you might face tearing of microscopic muscles. It account for repairing these tissues as well.
  • Mid Meal Snack: Gaining weight from mid-meal snacks is very common. This Protein are considered a healthy and tasty alternative to kill those cravings. These treats do not result in increased blood sugar levels.


These protein treats are portable. Therefore they can be carried anytime anywhere. These bars can help you in attaining your health goals. It is very important to check the nutritional label on the protein bars. This would help you assess how much these bars are meeting your nutritional requirement.

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