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Teeth Whitening Aftercare: Keep Them Pearly White!

Teeth whitening aftercare requires basic efforts. After the method, it is just sensible that you need the effects last as long as possible before another whitening treatment is necessary. That means you will need to change your dental care routine as well as change your lifestyle.

Going to the affordable dental clinic south kolkata and using the in-house kits the dentist gives are the main parts of aftercare. This article focus on fundamental aftercare tips you should follow after teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Aftercare: The Basics

After you’ve had your teeth brightened, stay away from any food sources that could make your teeth stain for at least two days after you’ve had your treatment. This likewise incorporates smoking and biting tobacco products, as these can likewise leave imprints and stains on your teeth.

When you have done professional bleaching done, it can make your teeth significantly porous they were before. This makes them simpler to stain, and it makes it even more vital to stay away from these food varieties and activities that can stain the teeth.

While you should wait for 48 hours to continue any activities or eat food varieties that could stain your teeth, it’s ideal to wait for a whole week. To augment your whitening results, you should limit these food sources and activities from then on.

Use Whitening Toothpaste a Week or So after Your Procedure

As your teeth will be more porous after the treatment, they’ll likewise be somewhat more delicate. You ought to wander away from using different products that contain whitening agents following having it done.

Nonetheless, when the sensitivity goes down, you can maintain the whiteness by cleaning your teeth with whitening toothpaste. Add this into your day-to-day daily schedule, and you’ll probably see that your teeth stay whiter for a more extended timeframe than if you use ordinary toothpaste.

What Foods Stain Your Teeth?

There are numerous food varieties that can stain your teeth and should be restricted. The most widely recognized culprits are coffee, tea, and colored soda, similar to Diet Coke or Coke.

Different items that can stain your teeth incorporate red wine and berries.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

After you’ve had your teeth brightened at the south kolkata best dental clinic, try to clean and floss your teeth daily. You might even need to brush and floss more than you used to ensure that your teeth look their very best. All things considered, you’ve invested energy and exertion into getting them white, so you should keep them that way.

Cleaning your teeth following eating can likewise assist you with brushing away stains that could amass on your teeth. Begin brushing your teeth after eating staining food sources in your day-to-day daily practice to guarantee your teeth stay white as long as possible after the treatment.

Use Straws to Avoid Staining

If you’re a caffeine addict and avoiding coffee or tea isn’t a choice, use a straw to drink them with. You can buy metal straws at an outlet that you can clean and reuse.

Metal straws are wonderful to use with both hot and cold beverages, and they’re not bad for the climate like plastic or reusable straws.

A few metal straws even have a carrying case so you can pop them in your tote or bag and take them any place you go. Regardless of whether you head off to someplace where they’re not offering straws, you’ll in any case have them prepared for you so you don’t need to stain your teeth.

Do Whitening Chewing Gums Help?

Whitening chewing gums can imperceptibly keep your teeth white, yet they aren’t really suggested. You will need to chew a lot of gums before seeing any difference and can compound issues like TMJ issues if you chew them more than you should.

All things considered, stay with whitening your teeth professionally and maintain them as much as you can.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can stain your teeth, and do as such very badly. It’s likewise commonly awful for your health. Having your teeth whitened by the dentist doctors south kolkata and afterward smoking again is not a good idea, so it’s smart to make it a goal to quit smoking once and for all.

If you can’t stop smoking or are thinking that it is troublesome, converse with your PCP about advances you can take to make it simpler, including choices that are better for you.

If you quit smoking, not only will your teeth be whiter, yet you’ll by and large have improved health than somebody who smokes.

Eat Foods That Stain Sparingly

Having a glass of red wine or a bowl of berries now and then won’t hurt your teeth. Yet, be aware of it, and just do as such every so often.

If you love berries and need to get all of their dietary benefits without the stains on your teeth, think about making smoothies and drinking them through straws. This will give you the yummy goodness without changing your tooth’s color.

Think about Touch-Up Treatments

Touch-up treatments might be an incredible idea to circle back to your whitening teeth. Converse with your dentist and close on how lengthy you would require the practice. Your teeth will stay white contingent upon the accompanying variables;

  • Way of life
  • General eating routine
  • The decision of whitening treatments

In this manner, guarantee to play out a touch-up treatment to restore the whitening impact. It very well maybe once in a year, or once following two years.

Keep up with Your Checkups

Whitening your teeth don’t mean that you forsake your dental check-ups. Keep visiting your dentist at the top dental clinic south kolkata to inspect your advancement.

If you don’t have a family dentist then you need to search for one online. Make sure that the one you are choosing is an established clinic and is equipped with modern tools, appliances, and techniques. Or you can visit one of our clinics as we offer all those and more.

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