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10 Reasons to Use WordPress For Your Website

When someone thinks about creating their website, they come across many names like Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, etc. However, WordPress is usually the most popular choice for beginners as they are given a simple step-by-step guide on getting started with a website.

Around 43% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, making it the most popular Content Management System. WordPress is run online, and even if you pick it for your website, you still need to choose a hosting provider separately. If you want to create a website, there are a few reasons that WordPress should be your top choice.

Most Used CMS: WordPress controls 60% of the CMS market share; that is how you know that you can trust their services to power start your website.

When starting with WordPress, you will be happy to know that even big companies like CNN and UPS use it too. If you do not have a big budget while start your site, then do not worry, as many free WordPress themes are available. You can apply the theme and then check what your site looks like.

Excellent Customer Service: When you use WordPress to create your website, you join millions of customers who use it to create their website. If you purchased a plan from WordPress directly, you would get active support from them whenever you want.

But even without it, you will be a part of a community known to help each other. There are many forums where people discuss the problems they face.

Easy to perform SE0: SEO is critical for your website if you want to rank on a search engine. Thankfully what is usually made into a complicated subject seems extremely easy because of add-ons like Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO tells the writer how optimized a piece of content is, and if it is not, then what steps they can take to make it SEO friendly.

Scalability: WordPress is such a platform that its customers range from bloggers to e-commerce businesses. Of course, if someone uses WordPress for blogging, their needs are simple, and they may even be satisfied with free WP themes.

However, if WordPress is used for creating a business-level site, then the great thing is that you can add your custom code or install plugins to help you. One of the most common e-commerce plugin is WooCommerce.

Security: It is easy to ensure that your website is free of malicious attacks on WordPress. The first thing you can do is get an SSL certificate. You can get this through your web hosting provider. It is always necessary to keep a contingency active; the same is true for your WordPress website.

That is why you should install plugins like UpdraftPlus. Backup plugins can help you restore your website content if it was attacked and you lost your data.

Easy to create content: Everything on WordPress is extremely easy. You only have to create a draft, write, add media files, check SEO, and publish.

If you have a problem with the site’s template, you can switch to a different set of free WP themes. Each theme makes your site look different, so it is best if you choose one that helps you present your brand perfectly.

Variety: Since alot of people use WordPress, they also divide their offerings in a way that will benefit different customers. If you are a chef looking to start a cooking blog, you may find a theme related to that. If you started the site to sell online commodities, their plugins could make it possible.

Rest API: Now, you no longer need to stick to simple PHP, and you can use any programming language that can make HTTP requests. You can use WordPress to create complicated applications.

Highlighting Issues: Every website has issues now and then, but WordPress highlights the issues to the users so they can fix them. If your site’s theme is causing a problem, then they will let you know.

In case the media of your website is adding load, then they will notify the customer. You can add a plugin to reduce the size of the media. They will inform you if there is any problem with cache files. WordPress ensures your site loads quickly, and if something stops the same, they highlight the problem to you.

Flexible Pricing: One great thing about WordPress is that customers can buy a plan they need. You pay $3 per month if you need a standard blogging website.

However, if your needs are more complicated, the price keeps increasing with the services they provide. At $45 per month, you can start an e-commerce site. You can use free WordPress themes or pay separately for them.

WordPress is Inclusive

WordPress was designed keeping everyone in mind as a website is needed by more than one type of person. You will find different themes, features, and plans here.

Because of this strategy, they have been able to gain a large amount of market share. So if you need a functional website, then the chances that WP will meet your needs are high.

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