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4 Reasons why people should opt for shower waterproofing:

Investing a huge amount of money for the construction of your dream house demands perfection and zero futuristic problems.  Whenever you are building a house, paying extra attention to the bathroom is important because most construction problems are likely to stem from damp areas.

While waterproofing of the bathrooms has always been a very challenging affair for most homeowners, professionals came to their rescue with cost-effective and best solutions.

What is waterproofing about?

Technically, a homeowner faces trouble when there is leakage in the bathroom and the seeping water ruins the walls and floors. The condition only worsens when starts to venture into other rooms.

shower waterproofing
shower waterproofing

Bathrooms being a place where humidity is higher than any other room of the house, utmost care must be given while constructing it. Waterproofing is the ultimate solution to this problem.

Reasons for shower waterproofing

  • Primarily, we would prefer tiled floors and tiled walls for our bathrooms. But, we aren’t really sure if it would guarantee safety in the mere future. This leads to seepage of water in the gaps of tiled walls and also from the ceiling, sounding like a horror movie. If it turns to be a painted wall, it would be even more disastrous as the paint coating falls off. Hence it is a must to shower waterproof
  • Biologically, where there is moisture, there is a celebration of microbes and fungi. Microbes like bacteria and fungi tend to grow in regions where they find humidity. Microbes traced in bathrooms wouldn’t just spoil the walls but also the health of the person using it, and it easily gets attached to our skin via clothing and shows an immediate response.
  • Moreover, tiled floors cost less initially, but once the water starts leak, the total cost of repair would be doubled the initial amount spent. Prevention is always better than cure. So, it’s better to adapt shower waterproofing at the initial stages.
  • Waterproofing doesn’t protect the walls and floors alone, but it prevents other rooms which lie next to the shower. Water has the property of even seeping through minute pores. Thus, shower waterproofing maintains the quality of adjacent accommodations as well!
  • Apart from saving money and protecting us from microbes, shower waterproofing also plays a major role in providing a good advancement in construction.

It’s the part to share the aspects of shower waterproofing.

  1. Prefer to standard quality wallboard which is ideal for both walls and floors.
  2. Preferring plastic-based materials in waterproofing is always the best.
  3. Avoid wood-based materials and employ ceramic products in shower construction.
  4. Make sure to seal the gaps in the adjoining tiles and also in the shower piece, with the help of silicon-based adhesives.
  5. Using iron pipes for water connection is not advisable as it is the part with which water often comes in contact with. Hence plastic pipes like PVC can be used to prevent corrosion.

Final Overview

shower waterproofing
shower waterproofing

After all shower waterproofing processes, it is our sole responsibility to maintain them and periodically check for any leakage. Seek the help of professionals while planning for shower waterproofing systems.

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