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5 Best Food Processors in India 2022

The food processor is an excellent kitchen tool. A food processor saves time cutting, combining, mincing, shredding, and kneading. Our handpicked list of best food processor in India in 2022 will eliminate hassles and save you time.

Best Food Processors India 2022 Review

#1 Bajaj Fx 1000dlx food processor

Bajaj Fx 1000dlx is one of the best food processors in India. It has a powerful 1000watt motor and comes with a lot of accessories, including a dough maker and a citrus juicer. This is a compact model and comes with 12 different functions. It has a stainless steel body that is durable and fits in any kitchen.

The Bajaj Fx 1000dlx can make all types of food from cake preparations to yogurt, salad dressing and pasta. The cooking device includes 9 attachments for a variety of processing activities. Three jars (Liquidising, Grinding and Chutney) allow simultaneous mixing, blending and grinding. The 100% Copper Motor withstands higher temperatures for longer durability. It has safety interlocks for the processing bowl, jars, and juicer. Also, the 2-in-1 pusher helps prepare thin vegetables.

#2 Morphy Richards Icon Superb food processor

If you are looking for the best food processors in India, then you should consider buying the Morphy Richards Icon Superb. It is one of the best food processors available on the market and it comes with a lot of features that make it perfect for your needs. It has a 16-in-1 capability. The equipment comes with 11 various attachments as well as six steel blades. It comes with 7 separate jars and 6 different blades. The food processor has a 3.2 L food processing bowl, a 1.5 L liquidising jar, a 1.0 L grinding jar, and a 0.5 L chutney jar.

The food processor comes with kneading, chopping, fine/coarse shredding, 7-step unique slicing, liquidising, multifunction, chutney, finger chips/French fries blades. Components and tools include: processing bowl, citrus juicer, centrifugal juicer and lid, liquidiser, grinding and chutney jars. This food processor has a 2-year warranty.

#3 Usha FP 3811 Food Processor

Usha FP 3811 Food Processor is one of the best food processors in India. It has a powerful motor and comes with different attachments that make it a versatile kitchen appliance. It is easy to operate and is a great time saver. This food processor is a must-have for every household. The USHA food processor has a 1000 Watt high torque copper motor [1] that makes food preparation faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

You may chop, shred, and slice food using stainless steel blades coupled to a disc holder to avoid wobble. With thirteen different accessories, this latest processor caters to cooks of all levels. The FP 3811 food processor by USHA contains an overload safeguard for the motor and a double safety lock system. Whether it’s for slicing, chopping or pureeing, the food processor makes cooking and baking easy. Read this nice post on Usha fp 3811 1000 w food processor reviews here.

#4 Kenwood FPPP220 food processor

Convenient and multifunctional, the Kenwood FPP220 Multipro Compact Food Processor is an excellent choice. For compact kitchens, this white processor is great. It has a 2.1L total capacity bowl and a 1.2L liquidiser that is calibrated. It comes with a stainless steel knife blade that’s perfect for cake decorating, chopping, and pureeing. Firm foods like carrots and hard cheeses, as well as softer foods like cucumbers and tomatoes, are cut with the FPP220’s coarse shred/slice blade.

The blender attachment on the food processor makes it easy to make milkshakes and puree soups.The FPP220 is ideal for those with a tiny kitchen and a preference for Kenwood’s established brand. It has a 750W motor and a 2.1 litre bowl and a 1.2 litre blender. The food processor’s in-bowl motor makes it simple to prepare larger dishes and blends. The stainless steel blade will stay sharp and accurate for as long as you need it to. Finally, it will look wonderful in your kitchen.

#5 Inalsa Inox 1000 plus food processor

An all-in-one food processor like Inox 1000 Plus may replace a blender, juicer and whisker in your kitchen, among other appliances. To use this food processor in a variety of ways, all you have to do is select a function from the pre-set menu. It is powered by a 1000 Watt motor with copper windings. This food processor is built of high-quality steel that is powerful enough to prepare a wide variety of foods. Three jars: 1.5 L Blender Jar, 1 L Wet/Dry Grinding Jar, and 400 ml Chutney Jar. Stainless Steel It doesn’t matter how many components you have, you’ll be done in a flash.

Its Pre-Set Modes eliminate the need to think when using various functions. Select the desired function from the pre-set menu buttons. This food processor’s 5 function SS Cutter discs can chop, shred, and slice practically anything from vegetables to high-fat meat. The Inox 1000 Plus food processor can chop, shred, slice, and emulsify. It can grind meat and vegetables, juice citrus and vegetables, and create cake batter and egg whites.

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