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5 Best Undrafted NBA Players In NBA Draft 2022

The NBA is known for having great talents in their teams all the time. But many players get undrafted in the middle. The talent evaluators are set with the responsibility of finding the best talents across the globe. Many players come to fulfill their dreams and pursue their sports passion in the NBA but fail badly and get undrafted. There are different reasons for players getting undrafted out of the NBA. Those undrafted go on to try their luck somewhere else and hone their skills by doing the same. Here’s all about the undrafted NBA players in the post mentioned below.

Undrafted NBA players 

J.J. Barea 

If we see career accomplishments, then J.J. Barea might be the least accomplished player on the list. But the way he helped the Dallas Mavericks in their first NBA championship lands him in a good spot. 

He assisted the Mavericks with only 18 minutes of play in the postseason, during which he scored 8.9 points and 3.4 assists. 

Udonis Haslem 

Udonis Haslem also features in the list of undrafted NBA players. His reason for being undrafted was when he took less money to stay with the team. He has been credited with doing a lot of unglorified work for the Miami Heat in his career. 

He has managed to earn the distinction in his career and made a name for himself by earning 5000 career rebounds and 5000 rebounds. Also, he is the major reason the Miami Heat are the contenders in the NBA.

Brad Miller 

Brad Miller has served 14 years as a stretch center in the NBA. He had earned great name and fame for his role in the Sacramento Kings when they were playoff contenders. Besides this, he has bagged two-time all-stars as he averaged 11.2 points in his career. 

Despite having a great skill set, Miller got undrafted from the NBA. It seems like he is an underrated player. 

Jeremy Lin 

Jeremy Lin served four seasons at Harvard but went undrafted in 2010. Later on, he was called in by the Dallas Mavericks to be a part of their summer league team. In addition to this, he also got an opportunity to serve the Golden State Warriors for a two-year term. 

Unfortunately, due to his injury, the NBA sidelined him. He signed with the Knicks later on. He played six seasons and emerged as the championship winner with the Toronto Raptors. 

Darrell Armstrong 

He served the Orlando Magic as an offensive spark and a defensive pest in the NBA. After serving 14 years in the NBA, he averaged 13.8 points and 6.7 assists. Not only this, but he also earned 6th man of the year and most improved player awards. 

He was the sole player to win two awards in the same year. Throughout his entire career, he scored 7712 points and 3394 assists. 

Jose Calderon 

The next player featuring in the list of undrafted NBA players is Jose Calderon. Throughout his career, he has gone largely unappreciated. There were a total of six players who had scored more assists than Calderon. 

But one cannot deny that he is the best distributor in the game. No other undrafted player has several assists to his credit as Calderon has. 

Alex Caruso 

Likewise, Alex Caruso also went undrafted but joined the Philadelphia 76ers for the upcoming summer league. In addition to this, he also signed with Oklahoma City Thunders. 

The rest of the season went to the G League as they signed him. He also signed a 2-year contract with the Lakers. 


All the sports fans should figure out about the undrafted NBA players before assuming anything on their own. Just because they got undrafted, it does not mean that they did not serve anything crucial to the NBA. The road to the NBA finals is long and not an easy journey. The undrafted players are full of talent. Getting undrafted does not indicate the end of careers but a new beginning. 

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