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5 Brilliant Ways to Use Image Post Production Service

Today, almost everyone edits photos before sharing them online. Everyone wants to appear as the best. Unfortunately, that’s not possible only with a single capture. That’s why everyone seeks the Best Image Post Production service to make their photos attractive. Today’s blog will cover 5 Brilliant Ways to Use Image Post Production Services. Let’s move forward to know. 

ABC’s of Image Post-production Service

Image post-production is converting an unpolished photo into a polished, perfect picture. It includes every change in the photo, from the background to skin tone, clipping to sharpening, which demands excellent photo editing skills. 

A professional Image post-production service can ensure the best result. Cut Out Image is first-rated as the Best  Image post-production service conveyor, serving various photo editing services worldwide at a reasonable fee.

5 Brilliant Ways to Use Image Post Production Service

Just carrying a camera and clicking only several shots can’t ensure a stunning photo. It needs to go through numerous pre-production, production, and post-production phases. You have to prepare for pre-production, while you have to maintain some things during photography. After photography, you might need several services based on the need for the photo ranging from changing the background to cropping. Let’s know 5 Brilliant Ways to Use Image Post Production Service.

 Way-1: Adjust Exposure and Tone

Professional photo editors mostly use Photoshop to edit photos since it offers many features for different purposes. to adjust the Exposure balancing dark and light, they use the curves feature as below: 

  1. Go to photoshop and open the photo. 
  2. Go to the Image options and select Curves under the Adjustments options.

Curves are divided into four parts: Lights, Highlights, Shadows, and darks. 

Way-2: Sharpen Tools

You can’t fix an image using a technique, so you must apply multiple image post-production techniques. For example, while capturing a photo, usually, you can’t add sharpening. But it’s a vital part of a photo. So, you need to add this as image post-production. To add the sharpening without changing the picture, follow the below steps: 

  1. Open the photo in photoshop and go to the menu option in the upper right of the layer panel. 
  2. Select Convert to Smart Object from the offered choices. As a result, an icon will be added to the lower part of the layer thumbnail.  
  3. Now pick the Sharpen option by moving to Filter Tab. You will get multiple choices under sharpening. Pick the Smart Sharpen option. 
  4. The Smart Sharpen option will pop up with a dialogue box containing different sliders and choices.
  5. You will see the preview window in a 100% zoom view that you can adjust using plus and minus icons below the preview. For the best output, keep it 100%.
  6. Check if the Remove is set to Lens Blur to detect edges. 
  7. Now modify the Amount slider to manage the contrast level and the Radius slider to fix the border consistency.
  8. Move Reduce Noise slider to straighten the photo and click on the OK option to close the Smart Sharpen dialogue box. 
  9. Switch the blend mode Normal to Luminosity by double-clicking the Blending options. You can reduce the opacity if you feel the sharpening is too strong. 
  10. Click Ok to shut the popped-up box and save the photo. 

Ways-3: Remove Unwanted Items

An unwanted object demolishes the photo and distracts the viewer from checking it. Let’s know how to do it finely- 

  1. Opening the image in Photoshop, go to the toolbar to pick Clone Stamp Tool, and set the opacity to 95%. 
  2. Now choose a large brush and click somewhere as a good sample holding the Alt key on the keyboard. Remember, the picked sample portion will replace the removed object space. 
  3. Releasing the Alt key, click and drag the mouse over the object you want to extract. 
  4. Repeat the process for the other portion. 
  5. Finally, save the file to your computer. 


Image Post Production
Image Post Production

Way-4: Color Correction 

Color makes up the picture, and it speaks up loudly if it has a proper color combination. So let’s know how to execute color correction services in photos using photoshop: 

  1. Open the picture using photoshop and duplicate the Layer. 
  2. Go to the Adjustment tab and select the color balance from the available options. 
  3. Alternatively, you can go to the Image option and pick color balance from the options available under the Adjustments option. 
  4. From the popped-up dialogue box, go to the Properties tab. There you will find Shadows, Midtones, or Highlights options under Tone. Pick any of the tones. 
  5. Check-mark the box beside Preserve Luminosity to handle the changes in luminosity values.
  6. Move the slider left to right to input values ranging from -100 to +100, displaying the color Cyan-red, Magenta-Green, and Yellow-Blue. 
  7. Go to the Adjustments tab to pick the Photo Filter, and in the popped-up dialogue box, choose the preset filter or custom color filter.
  8. Using the Density slider, adjust the color. Alternatively, you can input the percentage value manually in the Density box. 
  9. Checkmark the Preserve Luminosity and click OK. 
  10. Finally, save the photo. 

Way-5: Image Masking Service

A white background is aesthetic to enhance the subject of the image. However, we can handle the unwanted background that ruins the photo and remove it by replacing it with an appropriate one. It also controls the soft-edged subject finely. The process is as below: 

  1. Open the image in Photoshop and duplicate the Layer. 
  2. Select the new Layer and create your preferred form using any pen tool. 
  3. Deactivate the Layer 1 visibility and Fill the selection area by going to the Edit tab, selecting Fill, and picking any color or pattern you want. 
  4. To deselect the filled area, go to the menu bar and click on Select to Deselect. 
  5. Selecting layer 1, go to the menu bar, click on Layer and pick Create Clipping Mask.
  6. Use the Move tool, and drag the subject to a new background. 
  7. Finally, save the photo. 

Till now, I have discussed 5 Brilliant Ways to Use Image Post Production Service for your online store. Of course, you can use these tutorials for your product photography. But that mightn’t look professional. Therefore, we suggest you pursue a professional’s help to get success in the business.

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