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5 Things You Should Know About eMTBs

There are many brands that offer eMTBs electric mountain biking, as well as a variety of assisted rides. There are many options, from heavy, gravity-defying machines, to lighter all-rounders, to less-expensive bikes, and everything in between.

E-MTBs are evolving and diversifying as technology improves. You can find bikes with huge batteries and a lot more range. But there are also lighter ones that offer just a little help while still being light enough to be comparable to a regular mountain bike. You have the choice of whether you are a fast, agile, or full-throttle rider.

These are our top electric mountain bikes for 2021. You should also note that many of these bikes come with other models at different price points. It is worth exploring the entire range to see which one suits you best. The manufacturers’ weights are also listed below. These weights should not be considered as an exact guide, as many bikes are weighed in small and large sizes. There are many other variables that you need to consider.

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1. Vitus E-Sommet

Vitus E-Sommet electric mountain bike 2021
The E-Sommet e-mountain bike is currently the most affordable.
(c) Vitus
Although Vitus’ E–Sommet may not have the same high-end motor and large battery as other bikes on this list, it is still one of the most affordable e-mountain bikes currently on the market.
Vitus managed to create an incredible package for the E-Sommet at just PS3,199. It includes a 160mm travel RockShox Gold 35 Fork, as well as a range of other reliable, but budget-friendly components.
Its geometry is perfect for challenging terrain riding, speeding up, and blasting down trails. The E-Sommet is a great choice if you’re looking to start e-biking.

2. Companion to Specialized Levo SL

Specialized Levo SL Comp electric mountain bike 2021
Levo SL offers more assistance than full-blast battery-assisted riding.
(c) Specialized
Specialized Levo SL, part of the new school for e-mountain biking, is designed to provide a similar experience as motorless mountain biking but with a little assistance up the hills and around the corners.
Specialized claims that the lightweight motor doubles your effort and can produce 240W. It’s a different experience than most e-bikes. Just turn it on and start riding. The Specialized Mission Control app allows you to adjust the power delivery, ride distance, and record your trips from your smartphone.
Specialized claims that the bike can be used for as long as five hours on a 320Wh battery. However, it is not designed to provide the same kind of boost as larger e-bikes.

3. Commencal Meta Power 29 Essential

Commencal Meta Power 29 Essential electric bike for 2021
For 2021, the Meta Power received a new motor, chassis, and battery.
(c) Commencal
The Meta Power 29 Essential bike is an excellent value for money. This bike has 29″ wheels, 170mm front suspension travel, and 155mm back suspension travel. It also comes with a 630Wh battery.
This bike is the future of e-mountain riding thanks to its new motor and chassis. Commercial offer a 10% discount on all Commencals if you pick the bike up at the Andorran headquarters.
We are going to venture out and say that the Meta Power 29 may be the rider’s best e-mountain bike. Few other packages offer a package as good as the Meta Power 29.

4. YT Decoy Sred

YT Decoy Sred electric mountain bike 2021
Decoy Shred is a carbon frame that pairs with high-quality components.
(c) YT Industries
German direct-sales company YT Industries makes some of the most high-quality performance mountain bikes, including a variety of Decoy e-bikes.
The Decoy’s elegant looks conceal its true intentions. YT, which stands for ‘Young Talent’, is a company aimed towards core riders who will thrash bikes. As such, the Decoy can handle the most difficult terrain.
This bike takes inspiration from motocross bikes by pairing a 29-inch front wheel with a smaller wheel on the back and a high-volume plus-sized tire. The Decoy Shred carbon frame offers top-quality components at an affordable price, just like any YT product. It also comes with a coil rear suspension for extra credibility.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Size of the wheels: 27.5″ plus (rear), 29.5″ (front).
Motor: Shimano Steps E8000
Battery: Custom 540Wh
Price: $6,599/EUR6,599/PS4,999

5. Trek Rail 9

Trek Rail 9 electric mountain bike 2021
Rail 9 is up for any terrain
Rail 9 is a long-travel bicycle designed for punishing downhills. However, it’s equipped with the latest Bosch Performance Line CX motor with a 625Wh lithium battery so it can happily power you up technical climbs and long distances.
This bike can tackle any terrain with its 160mm travel RockShox Zeb Select+ and Super Deluxe UltimateRT3 shock, 29×2.6in tires, and SRAM GX drivetrain.
Trek is known for its beautiful finishing and attention to detail. The Rail 9 is no exception. It comes with a suspension calculator app that can help you set up your bike; a complete tubeless setup kit is included; a ‘Knock Block headset stops your bars from spinning in a crash, and battery removal is easy for storage or travel.


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