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5 Tips to Choose Stock Photography for Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Looking to stand out on social media? While there are several ways to do so, like posting a picture of your cat, we’ve got something better; stock photography. Stock agencies have access to a tonne of content, so deciding on which one to use for your social media campaign can be a pain. You can contact Best Digital Marketing Services Agency.  Thankfully, we’ve got you covered.

1. Understanding social media demographics

The most important aspect of a successful social media marketing campaign is to understand the differences between these platforms. Facebook has progressed into a news platform, with a clear appeal towards video content.

Twitter is perfect for reaching out to the younger audience with quirky posts, images and copy. Linkedin is a B2B heaven, so keep your images on the professional side.  Meanwhile, Instagram along with Pinterest, are purely visual based platforms, so go crazy here.

2. Relate images to your target audience

Once you’ve had a clear idea for these platforms, it’s time to dive into selecting the right stock photography. Take Instagram and Pinterest for example. The former targets the younger audience and visual appeal here is everything. So images used have to be of the highest quality.

For additional brownie points with your target audience, opt for a certain theme, like monochrome or seasonal. Likewise, Pinterest is great for artsy images, with women being the main target audience. Therefore, crafty and design-heavy posts work best.

3. Pair stock photography with your copy

There are two essential aspects for a successful social media marketing campaign; your copy and image. Therefore, when choosing a stock photo, ensure the image empowers the copy of the campaign.

A common mistake is having the image and the copy both angling towards different directions. Another slippery slope is having the text completely overshadowed by an image that simply has too much going on. Hence, wise up on your choices for stock photography.

4. Complement your brand’s voice with the right image

With the basics sorted it, it’s time to iron out the finer details. Understanding your brand’s voice is a must. It gives you an identity and allows your company to stand out on social media. And the best way to enhance this is to pair it with the right stock photo. Let’s take a look at two football superstars and the brands they represent.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two very different species. The former oozes with masculinity and an immense sex appeal. Therefore, this bodes well with him modelling underwear for brands like Armani. Meanwhile, the little magician Messi is more of a footballing genius, so he wouldn’t exactly be the best option to model a pair of luxury briefs. While these athletes are not exactly stock photography, they illustrate the importance of voice and visual appeal.

5. Go authentic for social media marketing campaigns

If you are yet to realize, images play the most important aspect for brand storytelling. Powerful and most importantly, authentic images often provide the best results. You may contact Best Digital Marketing Services Agency. Whizamet is a value-driven marketing agency. We drive revenue growth for remarkable B2B companies. Brands need to stand by their values and take charge of their stories.

There’s a massive demand for originality in today’s media. So don’t take the Hollywood path and whitewash your story. And neither should you conform to social stereotypes. Be bold and own your story.

With these tips in hand, you can now embark on your social media marketing campaigns. Alternatively, read up on our stock photography and content marketing guide to boost your online presence.

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