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5 Ways Choosing Big Data as a Career Option can Pay Off

Big Data Analytics is everywhere. From Amazon to Buzzfeed, everyone needs big data. Companies collect as much big data as they can in fear of missing out on something vital and needed. Data is floating around, and everyone wants to catch it. So why is it so important, and why should you choose it as your career option?

To begin with, Big Data is essential for your business’s growth. And it could be used to control your competitors. But why is it a great career move? Learn more to find out.

  1. Demands for big data analytics

Data is useless unless you know how to use it. We did not say it; a senior executive of a famous company has recently started this. Therefore, professionals who know how to use big data are rising. It is expected that the analytics market will grow further in the next few years. A recent survey has stated that top job sites now have job listings for big data analytics. And, their services are primarily required in the USA and other prominent nations. Oxford Referencing Generator is a very good example of how big data analytics help you out.

  1. Demand is equal to supply

Speaking of job listings, the rising demands for data analytics are still unmatched in terms of supply. And it is not just in one place; it is everywhere. Business sectors are more than eager to hire data analytics from London to Tokyo. But, the list of applicants for the post is still unmatched. A recent survey has stated that the USA will fall short of more than 150,000 data analysts in the near future. And more than 1 million job applicants will get placed in some of the top business companies in the world.

  1. It’s all about the money

If you think the job opportunities were all, then you are wrong. It is just the tip of the iceberg. Big data analysts would get 50% more payment than any regular IT employee. And this trend is on the rise throughout the globe. A quick search on the job sites will give you an idea that any regular IT job will pay you a median salary of $50,000. However, a career in big data analysis will pay you more than $60,000 every year. So, if you want to get paid high for all the hard work and money, you are putting in for your education. Then, Big Data analysis should be your career option.

  1. Organisations love big data

Did you know Buzzfeed uses big data to analyse which of its articles would go viral? How? Big Data helps the data scientists of Buzzfeed to understand what the readers demand. And the company, therefore, publishes articles that would be searched and read by the audiences. Similarly, e-commerce companies like Amazon and eBay use big data on their customers demand. And hence, highlights those products in their advertisements. Thus, the more these companies have data analysts, the more they score high.

  1. Big Data is at its prime

Big Data is at its prime. And by this, it is meant that scientists are inventing new technologies to secure Big data and more knowledge. And they are making data analysis refined for the data analysts. According to a report, it has been found that big data are now being used for business growth, business intelligence, predictive analytics and Data mining. With these advanced activities, it is easier for companies to keep up with their competitors and even edge over them if they use their data smartly. And to do so, they need efficient data scientists who can handle and manipulate the data. Big assignment providers who offers Kia Motors Case Study Help are also using big data for their business growth.

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