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6 Major Landing Page Design Tips Enhance UX & Conversion

6 Major Landing Page Design Tips. Your forecast page will play a key role in the success of your PPC marketing campaign and indeed any campaign where you are trying to promote new sales and new customers.

Here are 6 tips for creating a forecast page to improve your conversion rates

These will be simple design tips you can follow

# 1 Create a Catchy Subtitle

The first is very simple and is focused on the topic and the subtitle! This is the only thing people will see when they go to your forecast page so you want to make sure that the topic captures their attention and you want to make sure you can promote your offer easily and quickly to people.

Now, the big bonus here is that if you can find your article to match the search term people are typing.

When someone types a specific search term, you click on your ad that creates that seamless experience from the search to the ad to the prediction page and especially in that title to map the actual keyword people are searching for.

It is very difficult to do because it takes a lot of time to create those many landing pages but if you can do it in some of your top keywords it will help you drive more conversions at a lower cost.

# 2 Create a Powerful CTA

You want to make sure the action you want guests to take is very clear and your call to action on the page is outstanding.

Designers should do A / B testing and evaluate important features such as the color of the CTA button, the copy around the CTA (and the button itself), and the location of the CTA on the page.

Some features of the forecast page can also be A / B tested for improved overall results.

 # 3 Sell by Review

No matter what you sell as a product or service, you want to make sure you show some of these positive reviews and testimonials.

People visit your page and see that you have other customers who are happy to have other people using your software or tool and provide testimonials through customer reviews.

# 4 Use Advanced Photos & Videos on Your Landing Page

You want to use this to describe your products and services so that if it is a product page you can also use videos to show the different angles of your product or the people who use your product.

For example; think of basketball sneakers that you can show on the front and back of the shoe. People can get a full 360-degree view of a basketball shoe.

And you can show the basketball players wearing those shoes as they are on the field playing basketball and maybe dancing or something on those lines.

Using photos and videos can provide information quickly and is just another great way to market your products and services to potential customers.

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 # 5 Responsive Design designed for conversion

Make sure your desktop and mobile designs are responsive to look the same no matter what device people use when accessing your forecast page.

If someone on a mobile device looks at social media editing software, they may end up switching to their desktop device later but want to make sure the device does not damage your conversion rate.

Check if you have a really low conversion rate for your mobile design then maybe you want to create a new design that looks as good as possible on the mobile because you do not want the device to lower your conversion rate and increase your CPC per conversion costs.

Actually, what you want to do is open your prediction page on the desktop device and open it on your mobile device. Make sure that no matter what device you use, no matter what browser you use, people can easily see the benefits of your products and services.

And easily sign up or buy from you directly so that both of your designs are exactly the same. because you do not want a single device to slow down your conversion rate.

It will damage your total cost over time and will ultimately damage your business. Make sure your designs are fully responsive and do a full update on all the devices you have and use different browsers too because sometimes your prediction page may look different from Google Chrome than it does in Safari.

# 6 Review Competitors Arriving Pages

Now lastly make sure to update our competitor landing pages. This is a great design tip because you may have your own prediction page and you may be out of ideas and you can learn a lot by looking at other prediction page designs. read here 6 Major Landing Page Design Tips

By developing more flexible pages than the competition, web designers following the best practices of the forecast page may add more value to the brands they offer.

What I would like in my last build is a headline so that some kind of profit is a certain type of sales point and then a direct title to what people will get.

I have my application to apply and you do not have to email me when I start your free trial you can do something when putting the form in front of people and ask them to complete that form but I would like to have some videos and pictures showing how it works some of the benefits people can benefit.


So, to sum up, these are the Top 6 different page layout tips that you can use for your PPC campaign. You just want to have the main action call, list the benefits, show photos and use the video to improve UX. read here 6 Major Landing Page Design Tips.

Make sure you can sell your products and services and not be afraid to look at other competitors’ landing pages.

Because if your competitors regularly place ads on their website and you always see them as your competitor’s Google ads or your Facebook ads or any type of ads you run they may see a change because if they continue to spend their budget. They are probably running revenue from that budget.

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