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7 Golden Rules For Custom Logo Design Services In USA

7 Golden Rules For Custom Logo Design Services In USA

Since your early school years, you like to play with colors and enjoy drawing period. As you grew, your passion for design grew so much that you decided to choose it as your career. With attention to detail, creativity and the ability to play with color, you are all set to become a great logo designer.

Join a logo design company to fulfill your dream. Unfortunately, you start moving away from the basic principles of logo design and have started following the latest trends in logo design. While this approach can work, it can also backfire, so it’s important to stick to the basics when creating brand logos.

If you’re looking to brush up on some of the golden rules of logo design you may have learned along the way, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven golden rules of logo design from logo design specialist David Airey that will make you a better logo designer.

1. Lay a solid foundation of Design

Ask any logo designer and they’ll tell you that every project teaches them something new. Every client is different and every designer has their own unique style of creating logos. To ensure that all stakeholders stay on the same page, it is important to reach consensus. This would happen if you ask clients the right questions.

This will help you build a solid foundation for your unlimited logo design project and understand exactly what the client expects from you. Do your in-depth research and lay a foundation for your logo design projects that you can build on to create exceptional logo designs that your clients and their audience will love.

2. Sketch of Logo

With so much emphasis on digital tools, logo designers have almost forgotten how to use their sketchpad. Sometimes it’s better for a logo designer to get rid of the screen and mouse, pick up a pen and paper and start drawing. Technically speaking, sketching makes it easier to play with shapes and place them exactly where you want them. In addition, you can use your sketches as a prototype to show your clients how your logo will end up looking.

3. Keep it relevant

A logo can say a lot about your brand. From its shape to its color to its font, it can create an image of your brand in the viewer’s mind. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to small details. Choose logo elements that match your brand’s personality. For example, an elegant font will suit a high-end brand rather than a low-end one. Make sure the logo rationale matches the client’s brand personality.

4. Make brand recall your priority

When it comes to logo design, simple is always better. The more complex your brand logo is, the harder it is for your customers to remember it. From a marketing perspective, you want your customers to recognize your brand by its logo. This would only happen if you have a simple and clean logo and web design.

Just look at the Nike logo and you’ll see what I’m talking about. This black swoosh is widely popular all over the world and everyone can recognize Nike products just by the black swoosh symbol on their products. Unlike other logos that have undergone evolution, the Nike logo has retained its original appearance.

5. Make it stand out

There are millions of brands in the world and every brand wants to stand out from the crowd. That’s why every brand has its own unique logo. As a logo designer, you are expected to think outside the box, come up with unique logo ideas and translate them into a physical equivalent as well. Instead of copying other brands’ logos, you should try to differentiate your logos.

6. Let your logo speak for itself

Don’t try too hard to show what the brand is doing with their logo, as that would ruin it in most cases. It would be much better to give your logo a voice and let it speak for itself. You don’t have to use your brand name in your logos. The Shell logo is a perfect example of how you can use your brand logo to say everything without saying a single word.

7. Fill in the colours at the end

When creating a logo, always create a black and white version of the logo first. This will help you stay laser focused on the logo idea and pay attention to the elements of the logo instead of worrying about the colors. Once the monochrome version of your logo is done, breathe new life into your logos by adding color.


All the points are very important and have their own importance in logo designing . If you guys want to create a unique logo that catch every one’s attention and also be remembered  then must try these golden rules thanks.

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