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8 Signs your website need redesigning

To ensure that your site can maintain its standing as you’re most effective marketing and sales tool, your website needs to change and grow. In today’s highly competitive market the standards of design, technology, and business trends evolve rapidly. Otherwise, your conversion rates may decrease, traffic could drop, or worse you could lose potential customers to your competition. Your website should meet the needs both you and your customers are required to meet. If you can tell that you’re not meeting those needs, it’s time to consider custom design and development.

But the most important question is, when is the right time to revamp your website? How do you know whether your site needs an overhaul? Here are the indicators that indicate that your site may need a complete revamp.

1. Rate of high bounce:

The analytics of your website tells you more than just how visitors navigate your site. They also reveal whether you need to optimize your website’s layout. Google defines Bounce Rate in terms of this: how many people abandon the page they landed on, but do not engage on a single aspect of the website.

For example, a visitor landed on your site and scrolled through your site for a few seconds, and then quit without even clicking a single link. A variety of factors that can cause users to leave your website could be below page speed, poor material or incomplete, or poor UX/UI Design The list of reasons is endless. Look over the analytics of your website to determine your most frequently visited pages, and then look at the bounce rate of every page and the bounce rate of the whole website. Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools for businesses to gather this kind of data.

A high rate of bounce on the page is a sign that the page isn’t enough engaging as it could be. This makes them the most favored candidates to be redesigned singularly: Just a slight tweak is all they require.

2. Slow Loading Time:

Internet users expect websites to be able to load in under three seconds. They will typically be bounced if the website takes longer to load. This is not just affecting the UI or conversion rate of websites but also slows downloading times and can affect the ranking in search results. According to Google its algorithms, rank websites with quicker loading times more than pages with slower loading speeds.

There is a myriad of online tools that can aid you in determining the speed at which pages load on your site and reveal the problems that your website may be facing. Many issues can be addressed within a short period. However, what happens if your website is old or was built on an outdated platform? It’s time to make a complete overhaul to ensure the best experience for your customers and the best results for your company.

3. Not mobile-friendly:

Since the advent of mobile phones in the early days, their use is increasing rapidly, almost every day. 52% of the world’s web traffic is now generated by mobile devices. Nearly 60 percent of Google searches are made via smartphones and mobile phones. If your website isn’t very or not at all mobile-friendly, you will provide an unsatisfactory experience to users on a variety of devices that have different sizes of screens. This can result in the loss of potential customers.

Google provides an easy mobile-friendly tool that allows users to check how your website performs on small devices such as smartphones, tablets, and so on. The tool will show how long it loads on a smartphone. It will also give you the estimated amount of lost visitors you may experience as a result of the loading speed.

4. It was created using an older technology:

Did you know that there’s a good reason to revamp your website at least every 5 years? Why? Because technology is changing rapidly and quickly, it is essential to follow the most effective practices and SEO methods, you need to stay on top of technological changes. If you’re unable to update or operate a site by yourself for the majority time, you might think about a new website that is built with an easy-to-use CMS. It shouldn’t cause stress to manage and update your site by yourself. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Additionally, the website you have created was created with the aid of Flash technology. It won’t work with the most modern web browsers such as Google Chrome. This is a dated web technology, which is the reason Google, as well as Adobe, have stopped using it after 2020. Ovik Mkrtchyan

5. Your brand is not as modern:

Your branding and marketing must be consistent across all interactions. If the branding for an online site is outdated and outdated, it’s the indicator of a revamp. If your business is offering something distinctive, then changing your brand or taking an entirely different direction is the most effective option. With custom-designed website development services, you ensure that your brand, product, or service is prominently displayed, so customers won’t be able to react, and may take various actions. Receptive Web Development Services can boost your brand’s visibility to a higher level. However, you’ll only be able to advertise it and draw customers to it when it is compatible with your business and communicates your work and you’re proud of it.

6. Your site is not secure. Security:

We live in a world of data security that requires users to decide if the sites they’re visiting or even purchasing from are secure. By ignoring a security measure such as being SSL certified website can impact your site’s conversion rate and website’s performance. It is possible to lose business and customers to your site if it is rejected due to a non-secure message. To succeed you need to be up-to-date by acquiring SSL certificates. Also, different validations to ensure that people know your business is protected.

7. Your site isn’t user-friendly

Users interaction (UI) and user experiences (UX) are essential for a website’s development. It may seem easy in concept, but in reality, most websites fall short. To provide a top-quality experience, you must ensure an easy navigation process. Useful and entertaining content, as well as an easy call-to-action, and an appealing and clean layout. Making your user experience more enjoyable creates trust. Gives you an increase in the return on your marketing expenditures, and helps you gain more conversions.

8. Search Engine Optimizing and website update:

Redesigning your website can allow you to improve the structure, code. Also, improve its performance by making it more SEO-friendly. If you don’t upgrade your website and make it more search engine friendly. It is likely to fail in terms of search engine ranking. Search engines consider websites that have the most recent information as being the most relevant to Internet users. Your website’s content might look shiny but if it’s identical to what it was six years ago. Search engine crawlers won’t believe that it’s as relevant. Redesigning your website also gives the chance to reconsider your keywords as well as the efficiency of your site’s conversion rates.


After you’ve gone through the eight indicators that we have mentioned you should now be aware of the likelihood that your site needs a freshening. One of the key factors to online success is to have the most up-to-date, modern, and user-friendly website. At 8therate we’re a renowned Custom Web Development Company that collaborates with our customers to build their online presence from the start. As we do this we help businesses in their existing websites to improve. Also, improve their existing websites using Web Design and Development Services. That enhances their brand and provides real business results.

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