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9 Best iPhone Apps for Businesses in 2022

Digital transformation iphone apps has paved the way for business owners and professionals to escape the cutthroat competition and create entry barriers in their respective industries. Mobile apps, especially, have helped entrepreneurs modernize their business operations and scale up aggressively.

In today’s fast-paced world, sticking to the old, conventional business methods is equivalent to suicide. It’s crucial to embrace the digital transformation as soon as possible and leverage the power of technology to scale. 

You can hire an iPhone app development service provider or a mobile app and game development company to jump-start your mobile app process.

Top 9 IOS Business Apps in 2022

Although business dedicated websites and mobile apps are the need of the hour, small businesses lacking capital investment can still utilize the power of technology using free iOS apps. 

In this blog, we will go over nine free iOS business apps that allow small business owners and professionals to complete their business operations more swiftly. So without further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Smart Sheet

Smart Sheet is a remarkable iOS app that makes dreadful tasks like project management simple and fun. It helps attach documents and files, set up alerts, view charts, and more! The templates in the smart sheet let users create project plans and sales funnels and help set up accurate project budgets to estimate the overall project cost effectively.

This app empowers project managers to be productive despite the hard times of pandemics and lockdowns. And the best thing about the Smart Sheet is that it is totally free.

  1. Things 3

Things 3 is a multi-purpose iOS business app that helps business owners and individuals boost productivity. It’s more like a project management app with unparalleled assistance. You can create multiple projects, assign them different tags, and set deadlines. 

You can schedule monthly plans and set priorities for them so that you can instantly access the tasks and meetings for any day in just a few clicks.

  1. Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is a life saver for email marketing professionals. This app makes email marketing more fun than ever. You can set up email campaigns, manage the list of email recipients, view email marketing reports, and send up to 10,000 emails monthly in just a few clicks. 

Mail Chimps offers dozens of impeccable pre-defined email templates and allows users to customize them accordingly. This app is a must-try if you’re planning to market your products or services to thousands of potential customers at once. 

  1. Logo Maker

A business logo is among the very first things required to go digital. The logo is the critical element that reflects a brand’s identity and helps build brand recognition. With Logo Maker, getting a wow-worthy business logo is just a few clicks away!

Logo Maker is a fantastic iOS app that helps create unique logos and designs effortlessly. It offers hundreds of free templates for creating logos, posters, symbols, and other design elements. This app can be a handy tool for completing day-to-day design tasks for freelance graphic designers and photo editors. 

  1. PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is undoubtedly the most notorious presenting tool across all platforms. The app’s distinctive interface and simple-to-use features make it stand out. With PowerPoint, creating and revising presentations is a piece of cake. 

Microsoft PowerPoint helps increase protection and accessibility by saving all your files automatically on OneDrive. Moreover, it supports multiple languages like English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, and more.

  1. Quick Books

Quick Books is the most famous accounting app designed to eliminate stress from accounting. This powerful app allows users to easily create and share business invoices and estimations.

Quick Books helps keep a record of all your expenses by saving a digital copy of all the receipts. Moreover, it allows tracking payments and holds an entry for all the sales generated. The most astonishing thing about this app is the feature to create sales receipts with your business logo and fields.

  1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the best iOS app to set up and organize your meetings more effectively. The auto synchronizing feature of Google Calendar helps track all the events from Google Mail and update them routinely.

Google Calendar also helps set up meeting reminders to ensure everything is completed on time. The G-Suite feature of Google Calendar allows easy connecting and collaboration with your clients and coworkers.

  1. Evernote

Evernote, undoubtedly, is the best note-taking app for iOS. It enables taking notes, attaching photographs, setting reminders, creating lists, chatting, and more. Its easy-to-use features are what make it so useful for business professionals or anyone who wants to escape the fuss of taking notes. 

You can scan and organize paper documents, business cards, handwritten notes, and drawings using the camera on your device. Moreover, you can draught plans, notes, and compelling presentations. 

  1. Zoho 

Client management is indispensable to keep the business thriving. Zoho CRM iOS app is a champion in managing clients with ease. 

It provides offline access to customer information when you are not in a mobile coverage range. You can also access contact details, account information, leads, tasks, activities, phone records, contractors, and items stored in CRM. Moreover, it enables you to edit and delete records on the go!

Wrapping Up

Technology and mobile apps are undoubtedly changing our lives for good. Smart apps like Google Calendar, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Quick Book help business professionals and entrepreneurs streamline their business operations. 

Despite being totally free to download, these mobile apps generate more revenue than you might think. Follow this guide to learn how free mobile apps make money. Also, if you have a potentially sound idea to change the world for good, you can capitalize on the opportunity and launch your mobile app


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