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Advantages of Offset Printing

Offset printing is not just about the quality that you get on the end result. It is something more than usual printing facilities. Every retailer wants their printings to be eye-catching and tries to keep them within the budget limit. 

The exposure of offset printing is still beyond reach for the digital printing option. The laser technology of digital printers is quick at function, but that is not true when it comes to bulk printing. You still need to rely a lot upon the service of offset printers. 

Offset printing can also be called the gold standard for the marketing demand. They allow you quick turnover using the best technique that you can ask in the modern world. Different plates are used to mirror your design to the papers or any other surface kind.

printing shop near me in London mostly use offset printing functions for their regular demand. Some of the key advantages of traditional printers will be discussed in this article. You can just hover underneath and get to know more on this point.   

6 Advantages of Offset Printing

We are going to know about the six key advantages of offset printing. You can expect them to be an economic decision, even on high-quality bulk printing. Your aim to gather knowledge about offset printing will be fulfilled here. 

High Volume Printing Facility 

There is speculation on the market that digital printing is best when it comes to fast printing needs. Well, I will agree on this point, but I have some other factors to discuss with you too. Are you printing low or high-volume goods?

Well, if your answer is low scale, then there is no doubt that digital printing will be the best candidate for your printing facility. But things start to change when you require printing above 1000 papers at once. High volume printing facility in no time can only be done by the offset printers. 

You will need to reassemble the plates for every single design. But the single print of large-scale printings is easier with the traditional option. Big companies and media agencies are using offset printing facilities on a daily basis. And it does not seem to get replaced pretty soon.  

HD Printing Quality 

You might already know that different types of printing plates are taken into use for offset printers. Aluminum plates are the most used option, and they are pretty accurate on HD printing quality. But there are also lithographic plate options that make the printing images or words more real. 

The real design of the printing will remain almost the same as the actual design. The printing ink can be customized according to demand from the control panel. There will be no issue of waste ink, and that will result in HD quality printing in every single print.  

Fast Turnout for Large Runs

Offset printers use different color plates at function. You need to arrange them according to demand in every single print. The initial preparation is going to be time-consuming. But once the plate placement is done, you can get a pretty fast turnout of your printing. 

I will recommend you to work with an offset printer only when you are working with more than 1000 prints of the same design. They are known to be the bulk printing machine at the industry level. Daily newspapers also take on offset printing assistance for their daily demand. 

Cost-Effective for Large Scale Offset Printing

Offset printers can easily be remarked as the best cost-effective option for high-volume printing. The main cost factor of an offset printer marks for ink and plate management. You will need to piece together a new design plate for every single new design print. 

Small-scale printing of a different kind is going to be a hassle for traditional printing facilities. They are meant to print a single design in a bulk manner. Big printing companies still use offset printers for bulk printing because of the economic advantages.    

Can Print on Any Surface

All the plates of offset printers work together and transform the ink into a rubber blanket. It is flexible enough to roll on any surface as you want. On the other hand, digital printers use laser technology, and they are not so comfortable will harsh surfaces. 

So, it is recommended to avoid them for printing on irregular surfaces. Besides, different shapes of paper size can also be taken into use for the printing facility. Paper, plastic, and even metal surface prints are available for offset printers. 

Work Efficient Low-Cost Offset Printing Plates 

One of the best parts about offset printers is that you can customize your own plates according to demand. Digital printers are complex machines, and it is hard to replace them. They are also costly and demand a replacement even for a single machine fault. 

You can get new plates at a reasonable price. Besides, they can also be designed according to the demand of the clients. Computer process images are used to transform the printing paper orders to metal plates. 

All the function in the offset printer is performed automatically. As much as you can avoid touching the printing plates, you will have a better life expectancy from your offset printer’s plates. The cost-efficiency and work-efficiency of the printing plates have put offset printing as the market standard.   

Final Word

Offset printers are the best call when it comes to bulk and accurate printing facility. Based on the listed advantages of offset printing, you can guess the demand of the printing facility on the market. The versatility that traditional printing can offer is beyond reach for the digital alternative. 

Our ultimate goal is to educate you in full about different printing functions. I hope you have learned something new about offset printing advantages in the article. You can also check our other articles for more knowledge. Never stop learning, and we are always happy to contribute to your curiosity. 

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