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All Top Facts You Need to Know About Nocturnal Emission

Nocturnal emissions are normal in young boys these days. So, we will try to find out the reasons for this problem, the symptoms, and treatments. We will try to analyse the reasons for this problem to know the best methods to treat it.

Reasons for Nocturnal Emissions

Nocturnal emissions are normal for many experts who tell the reasons as well. Some of them say that the reason behind such a problem is a method of the human body. This is how it gets rid of old sperms. These researchers also say that sperms have an expiry date, and your body needs fresh ones. The body makes sure to ejaculate the old ones so that there can be new stronger sperms.

There is not much research about the reasons for this, but it is thought to happen due to puberty. When a male’s body starts making more testosterone, many boys have this problem. Some researchers believe that sexual inactivity can lead to nightfall.

It is also believed that watching too much sexual content can cause this problem. Sometimes, genitals rubbing against bedclothes leads to involuntary ejaculation. It is also said that inadequate ejaculation would cause it. The experts believe that this can happen due to weak genital nerves as well. You should empty your bladder before you go to sleep to avoid this problem.

Sleep and anxiety are two more problems that can be reasons for nocturnal emission. Some people may have it owing to obesity and prostate gland inflammation. If you are taking sex hormones like testosterone, there are chances of nocturnal emissions. So, avoid doing drugs. Certain types of drugs like sedatives, blood pressure medicines, antidepressants and tranquilizers may be a reason. Consult your physician if medicationsa are the reason. Most of these causes of wet dreams are controllable.

Symptoms of Nightfall

There are a number of symptoms that come with nightfall. Some of them are burning sensations in the urinary tract when passing urine. This can happen in prostate gland inflammation. Some men will have premature ejaculation if they have nocturnal emissions problem. Another symptom is the involuntary leakage of semen without sexual act. Some boys would also have insomnia and sexually explicit dreams. Lack of concentration can occur, and cramping in the legs and back are also seen. You need to avoid these reasons for preventing wet dreams and keeping yourself healthier.


We have a long list of treatments that can help you with the symptoms and consequences of nightfall. We will talk about all the best available treatments.

Allopathic Medicine

Normally, people are not prescribed any kind of medicine when they have this problem. But, when this kind of problem starts coming too often, there are certain medications. Men with such a problem are prescribed SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Homeopathic Medicines

Some homeopathic medicines promise to solve this problem and help. One of these is Phosphoricum Acidum that you can use with benefits against debility and weakness as well. Some patients are prescribed Calcarea Carbonica that is a wonderful drug. This one is prescribed for people with frequent wet dreams. Sometimes, people may be prescribed to use selenium if they have a feeble erection when they ejaculate. The indications of this one include dribbling of semen during sleep. Some patients may be prescribed selenium for nightfall with increased sexual drive and odorless semen discharge. The wet dreams definition is a person having emissions when they are asleep. This can happen in both men and women, and there are treatments for all.

Herbal Products

The herbal mode of treatment has the best treatments for nocturnal emission. You can try some of the following

  1. You can try using fenugreek to have an improvement.
  2. Honey is an effective method to get results in the nocturnal emissions problem.
  3. The use of onion is recommended as well.
  4. You can try using yoghurt to have relief.

Apart from these home remedies, there are certain products in the herbal world. You can try having some products from Ajmal dawakhana. One thing is for sure that the herbal mode of treatment is really versatile in this kind of health problem.

You can try the following for frequent wet dreams that can be effective.

Akseer sharifi 

This medicine is an effective one that you can use for nocturnal emissions. It can help with its properties to improve the retention power of the bladder. You can also use it for problems like semen leakage after urine. Other benefits include strengthening the male reproductive system and removing restlessness from the body. The herbal practitioners believe that nocturnal emissions can cause serious health problems. Overall, it can help with nocturnal emission causes  and reduce it to improve health.

V2 Ajmal

You can not only use this medicine as an aphrodisiac, but it also helps with the nocturnal emissions problem. It would help you with strengthening male genitals and helping against nocturnal emissions. You can see an improvement in semen thinness as well. It is considered one of the best medicines for this problem

Qurs Sadaf

This medicine is effective for both men and women. It is used to treat nightfall in men, while you can use it to treat women with leucorrhoea.

Qurs Nuqra

This medicine is effective in controlling problems like general weakness. It works by improving brain, heart, and reproductive system strength. You may also use it to improve liver functions.

Last Word

We talked about reasons for nightfall like stress, obesity, medications, and weakness of the reproductive system. We talked about some other reasons like bladder inflammation too. Some most effective medicines for this problem in the homeopathic and allopathic modes were discussed. We also talked about herbal products by Dawakhana hakim Ajmal khan that can work well. We tried to figure out the best medicines in the herbal as well. The best ones that patients can use are Qurs Sadaf, V2 Ajmali, and Qurs NuqraSome home remedies, like the use of onions, yoghurt, Honey, and fenugreek, were also discussed. So, we tried to give you the best information you need for nightfall, its reasons, symptoms, and treatments. This content can definitely help you with such problems.

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