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Amazing Features Of Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Salesforce Field Service Lightning is an extended functionality in Salesforce Service Cloud that enables teams to manage the workforce and appointments gracefully.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning (now renamed as Salesforce Field Service) is a solution that provides your business with all the required tools to deliver a faster and smarter customer experience. With Field Service Lightning, you can create and track work orders, properly manage your assets, smartly schedule work, and keep track of jobs in real time. You can also access and update customers’ or field service agents’ information anytime from any mobile device. With the proper assistance of Salesforce Implementation services you can easily integrate this tool in your existing software.

Managers can transform the overall experience of a connected customer and ensure that agents, dispatches, and employees operating from mobile are always equipped with all the essential tools they need for delivering a specific service.

This blog will walk you through the amazing features of Salesforce Field Service Lightning.

Features Of Salesforce Field Service Lightning

There are some following features of Salesforce field service lightning:

1. Easy Management Of Jobs, Work Orders, And Other Details

With Salesforce Field Service Lightning, you can invincibly manage your field service operations by connecting all necessary job details upfront. Field Service Lightning streamlines all the processes from creating work orders for customers, attaching related knowledge articles to keep track of SLA compliances based on customers, and defining work criteria.

You can link required products, mention all the skills necessary for the job, define resource preferences, and add all related work aligning with each appointment within a few clicks. Salesforce Field Service Lightning eliminates the hassle of manually managing field service operations and promotes efficiency.

2. Easy Management Of Jobs, Work Orders, And Other Details

Field Service Lightning streamlines the manual effort of managing work items by utilizing intelligent features that handle resource assignments. The Dispatch Console, which boasts an attractive visual interface, allows you to view your workforce and switch to a map view to see where your technicians were last located.

The platform’s advanced scheduling capability allows you to optimize scheduling with minimal effort, ensuring efficiency by considering due dates, skills, territories, and other policies through a background scoring process.

3. Manage Everything Via Mobile Application

Maximize productivity by utilizing the FSL Mobile App to transmit appointments, communications, and pertinent data points directly to your team’s mobile devices. As remote workplaces and customer-facing service industries proliferate, administering spreadsheets and communicating vital information to ensure prompt work execution can be a daily hurdle.

The FSL Mobile App equips technicians with a comprehensive toolkit at their fingertips, enabling them to access their daily schedules conveniently, identify primary contacts for each appointment, connect with them as necessary, peruse product information and instructions, monitor time, and perform other relevant functions. In addition, Salesforce provides the renowned Chatter tool for internal collaboration.

4. Inventory Management

Efficiently manage inventory at your warehouse, in work vans, and per technician, based on current stock levels and work order requirements, with the ability to request additional items and assign them to specific jobs for cost analysis purposes. Field Service Lightning extends Salesforce’s product management capabilities, enabling granular tracking of product usage at the work order or service resource level. This feature provides a powerful tool for monitoring inventory inflow and outflow and assessing potential profitability and costs.

FSL offers a comprehensive suite of inventory management tools, including inventory tracking by location, role-based allocation and responsibility assignment, detailed product tracking, product request management, product transfer handling, and product disposal and depreciation tracking.

5. Management With Timesheets And Travel Considerations

Manage timesheets and hours for your team, including whether or not to include time spent traveling to work sites. This allows easy integration into your ERP systems for payroll and PTO-type requests. By simply turning on timesheet management, you give your technicians visibility into their daily and weekly totals – with the ability to edit and submit for approvals.

Timesheets offer the flexibility of allowing manual or automated time creation and great reporting; the ability to fully customize this into the perfect process for your company will be limited until later this year, according to the Salesforce roadmap. Timesheets can be created per service resources, and templates assigned per profile. From here, leverage the reporting aspect.

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How is Salesforce Field Service Lightning Beneficial For Business?

The main function of the Salesforce field lightning service is task management. However, apart from this also provides many benefits to the businesses, such as:

  • Create and quickly track work assignments.
  • Automatically assign and program tasks.
  • Easily identify the assets installed at the client center.
  • The technician can personally manage the tool’s inventory. 
  • You can assign tasks and smartly link them to the right employee’s phone.
  • You can see the list of pending tasks for each day in real time.
  • With field service lightning, you can analyze data from any device and create comprehensive reports of agents, technicians, subcontractors and supervisors.


Field Service Lightning provides a convenient way for the service industry to smartly utilize and manage the features for a better customer experience. This feature is further customizable as per the business-specific requirements. With the high power of the dispatch console, full-time access to the mobile application even when you are offline, and standard lightning view, agents and managers can manage the entire course of serving customers in a way they could never imagine. Implementation of such a feature needs expert touch, and with more than 300 Salesforce experts, Cyntexa would love to take over this task and make everything ready to use for you.

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