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An Ultimate Guide for Anniversary Flower Bouquets

The bond between two married people becomes stronger as they get old together. Spouses remind themselves how far they have come from by celebrating their wedding anniversary every year. It is a good and a loving gesture not to remember your wedding anniversary but also to send or hand each other gifts on this romantic and auspicious occasion. Among the best gifts that make this an anniversary worth celebrating are flowers. The reason is that they are not only beautiful but are also full of symbolism. 

Finding meaningful and romantic flowers for this occasion is tricky, especially if you don’t know their meaning. Most men get into trouble for either forgetting their wedding anniversary or sending a lousy gift. Anniversary flowers are the best meaningful gifts to send to your spouse. They are easy to find, but they also come in many different colors. Finding out what a flower means is critical if you want to make your wedding anniversary flowers impressive. 

This article has listed down some of the most romantic flowers that you can send to your better half when you celebrate your anniversary. These anniversary flowers are arranged according to the year or milestone they represent. Read on for inspiration. 

Carnations for the first wedding anniversary 

When a year has passed since you got married, consider it a blessing. Also known as the honeymoon phase, the first anniversary should remind you of the first day you met and fell in love. The memory of how your love journey began is still fresh and can remind each other how sweet it felt by sending carnations. You can decide to make your bouquet or basket vibrant by including several hues, or you can just go with red carnations. These are the best wedding for the first year because they convey a newly found love’s passion, sweetness, and optimism.

Cosmos for the second wedding anniversary 

If you are blessed to mark and celebrate your second year in marriage, you need to make the occasion sweet by sending the cosmos. These flowers look beautiful when presented in a basket. The second-year shows that your love evolves from a simple version of love to a complex, more mature one. At this time, you already know each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Cosmos are the best flowers for the second year because they are uniquely intense and convey powerful love. As you move on to the third year and the rest of your married life, your focus should always be on how to make each other happy. 

Sunflowers for the third wedding anniversary 

When you want to show your spouse just how happy and grateful you are while celebrating your third wedding anniversary, you need flowers that match the occasion. Sunflowers are bright and beautiful, making them perfect for that couple who are marking their third year in marriage. Their sturdy stalk represents the strong foundation on which your marriage is built. The yellow petals represent the undying love that will face any challenge that life throws at it. 

Geranium for the fourth wedding anniversary 

Four years have passed since you got married and what is the best way to celebrate your bond than sending geranium flowers. We all love the sweet ambiance that these flowers bring to any occasion. If you want to impress your spouse, sending a bouquet of geraniums works the magic. Four years ago, marriage was a wonderful milestone that must be remembered uniquely. These romantic flowers symbolize beauty and comfort. You can sweeten the gesture by including a box of tasty gourmet chocolate. 


Marriage is an institution that needs to be celebrated every day. It is a blessing to live in the same house with the person you fell in love with. When sending wedding anniversary flowers, make sure that you select flowers from a reputable flower delivery company. Cosmea Gardens provides beautiful hand-cut flowers for all occasions, including wedding anniversaries. 

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