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Arabian Nights: The Dream Desert Safari Dubai To Experience:

It doesn’t matter if you will visit Dubai for a holiday with your family or for any work. But the thing is that you should not miss the desert safari Dubai experience. You will find different desert safari options, and in all these options, the Arabian night desert safari is the best. This Dubai desert safari will provide you with the best experience and long-lasting memories. So, in this article, we will explain everything about the Arabian night desert safari. Read the entire article to know about this desert safari. This article is to help you to understand what activities you can enjoy in the Arabian desert safari Dubai.

What to expect from the Arabian night desert safari Dubai:

The Arabian night desert safari Dubai is considered one of the best safari’s. With the help of this safari, you can escape the city life and get a chance to live the Arabian lifestyle. In this desert safari, you have the opportunity to spend the entire Arabian desert and experience the culture. You can perform different thrilling activities and experience other things with them.

The desert camping, live entertainment shows and the BBQ dinner are the other things you can experience. When you are involved in the overnight desert safari, you will experience too many incredible things. However, the overnight desert safari Dubai will provide a different lifestyle experience.

You will experience everything you read in the English version of ” One Thousands and One Nights “. The Arabian night desert safari tour starts from 3 PM to 3.30 PM with the help of the 4×4 Land Cruiser or any other vehicle. This tour ends from 8 PM to 8.30 PM, when the tour operator will drop you at your location.

Activities and the cultural experience in Arabian night desert safari:

In this desert safari, you can experience different activities. All the activities are unique and thrilling that you have never experienced before. So, all the activities and cultural experiences include:

Arabian safari thrilling rides:

First, the tour operators will pick you up from your location and take you to the vast dunes. The drivers try to meet the other drivers who have bought the other visitors. In this way, you can experience the most thrilling dune bashing activity. It is an off-road drive and involves driving up and down at different speeds. You don’t have to worry because these drivers are professionals and know very well how to drive a vehicle.

Other activities that you can experience include quad biking, buggy riding, sandboarding, and hot air ballooning. Suppose you are a person who has heart problems or doesn’t want to take part in these thrilling activities. The next option for you is to take a long camel ride.

The camel ride will provide you with the opportunity to experience the fauna and the flora of the Dubai desert safari. This activity also includes the photography session. Remember, this camel ride is for 20 to 30 minutes.

Sunset with the Arabian desert safari:

When your thrilling activities end then, the sun will start to set. The golden rays of the sun will cover the desert dunes. This is the best time to explore the desert and capture some fantastic pictures. After the sunset, you will go to the campsite to experience the Bedouin lifestyle. Along with that, you can also experience the BBQ dinner that is vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Campsite experience:

When you enter the Bedouin camp then at that time, you will be welcomed with the help of Arabian coffee. In the Dubai desert safari, you will get soft drinks and water. You will get all these things at the campsite and get them during the entire desert safari tour. All the campsite activities will provide you with a complete experience of how Arab people live their lives.

However, these activities include henna painting, shisha smoking, and Arabian traditional dresses. Professionals are present to perform the henna painting activity. Besides this, you can also take amazing pictures wearing Arabian traditional costumes.

Desert Safari:

After enjoying the delicious dinner, you will experience the live entertainment shows. However, professionals are present to perform these shows in Dubai Desert Safari. The belly dance performance, fire show and tanoura dance performance are included in these shows. The Arabian night is only the desert safari that allows you to experience these live shows. After experiencing all these live shows, you will go back to the tent, and then you can spend the entire night. Here the tour operators will provide you with pillows and other things for spending the night. This is the only desert safari that allows you to experience the clear with stars.

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