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Best Hospital in Multan for PCOS treatment

Pakistan is still struggling with the lack of healthcare facilities, especially for women. The rate of women’s deaths in Pakistan is 186 deaths per 1000,000 live births. PCOS is becoming more common in our young girls than before. The rate is 52% percent higher in Pakistani women than in other western countries. Why is this happening and why are we still unable to resolve these important health issues with our women. There are many reasons due to which these issues are still prevailing and increasing more and more every year. We need good hospitals with well-trained maternity staff who can handle such patients. If you live in Multan I would recommend you MASH, which in my opinion is one of the best hospital in Multan. Let’s find out why. 

The situation of hospitals in Multan

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a serious condition usually present in women, which produces numerous small cysts in ovaries. There are many symptoms of this syndrome that women should not avoid and should take seriously at the right time.

There are a number of other hospitals in Multan which treat these issues, but we all know the situation of their maternity wards, doctors, and the attitude of their staff towards patients. These are sensitive issues and many women do not feel comfortable with the ignorant and rude behavior of the doctors. And there are times when women suffer big losses from the negligence of the unqualified and careless gynecologists.

There are some other cultural barriers too, our young girls are not allowed to talk about their health issues and they cannot visit any gynecologist by themselves. Many doctors do not listen to their issues properly and treat them as no big deal. So every girl should know the right place to visit if they are suffering from such a problem. There comes MASH with their highly qualified and best Gynecologists in Multan.

Best gynecologists in Multan

As we discussed the unpleasant situation of Gynecologists in Multan and the possible effects they may have on the health of women. I am going to suggest to you the Best hospital in Multan, which should be the first priority for women of Multan who understand the importance of health. Mukhtar A. Sheikh is a hospital with the most qualified team of gynecologists. Telling this from my personal experience, that MASH provides you with top-notch services in women’s health care. There are some major concerns of women before choosing the hospital

  •         Do they have qualified gynecologists?
  •         Do they have the right equipment to perform the tests?
  •         Is the environment hygienic?
  •         How long have they been treating such issues in their hospital?


The staff of MASH is not just one of the most competent ones in Multan, but also the most efficient staff in the city. This is your one-stop medical service center, everything is available under one roof. No one in the pain and in a state of emergency wants the hassle of running here and there for the tests and reports.  MASH is your one-stop service center, there are some other services they provide that make them stand out from the other hospitals.

The counseling of patients to make them aware of the importance of their health. The friendly and understanding staff gives proper time to each of the patients without any discrimination. We all know how important this is for a patient to be heard and understood, the doctor should be their savior and healer, not someone who does not even pay attention to their problems. Mash is one of the best hospitals in Multan with their foreign qualified gynecologists and excellent maternity wards. 

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Why is this important for women to have a proper regular check-up

Every year many women lose their lives due to a lack of awareness regarding the seriousness of such health issues. There are many symptoms of these diseases that should not be taken for granted and should be treated beforehand. Our women’s lives are precious and we cannot afford to increase the death rate of women in our country. Many women ignore the early symptoms of serious problems and do not visit the doctors.

Even if they do some incompetent gynecologists do not give them proper guidance and treatment and they end up losing their life. This is why it is very important to have proper check-ups, but from the right place at the right time. So if you are lucky enough to live in a city like Multan, now you know about the best hospital with the best Gynecologists in Multan to provide you with the best treatment.

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