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Kids and Teens

Best kid’s clothing labels that are pretty and safe

Children’s are ignorant and untutored with regard to taking care of personnel belongings. Still, we cannot blame kids because they are younger and more into their own enjoyment. However, parents can still do one thing: that they can mark kid’s possession with Mabel’s labels stickers that they can buy at a discounted price by availing mabels labels coupon code.

In schools, kids mostly mislaid their lunch boxes and water bottles, which never returned. You can try everything you can, but it is impossible to get back the item if lost. Similarly, during winters, kids often forget their sweaters or hoodies.

But have you ever asked yourself how you can have the clothes back if it is lost? The easiest way is to attach identification that is distinct from every other kid in the class. It could be either name or identification mark that can easily be recognized.

This article is for all those parents who are exasperated by the habit of their kids. Also, you can find some strong recommendations for the best quality labels available in the market. So let’s get started.


Look no further than masking tape and a sharpie for the easiest and straightforward method. Most parents prefer this method as it doesn’t include many complexities. Also, you cannot remove the mark from the fabrics no matter how much time you wash them.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the budget. The pack of two black fine point markers comes at a low price of about a few bucks. Also, in just a few amounts, you will take care of several outfits that you have bought in hundreds of dollars. So it is not a bad bargain at all. Check out the best advice before using the Sharpie label;

  • If there is enough space on the cloth tags, write there.
  • Place some solid material such as a book or board, so the ink doesn’t weep through to the garment itself.
  • If there is not enough space, write on the masking tape and apply that to the garment.

Clothing stamp

People hate clothing tags and especially the one that is behind the neck. Children find these tags extremely crawling and starchy and often ask their parents to get rid of them. For such children, a label is never an option. The best fit for them is to try a clothing stamp.

You have multiple benefits when you use a stamp. First, stamps are easy to use. Dip the stamp into the ink pad and apply it to the best position. Second, the quality of long lasting. The ink can resist up to 50 washes.

Also, you can write more than just your name. You have a space of three lines with a space of 15 characters in each line. This identification method only works on fabrics and clothes, not plastic items. Ensure not to wash clothes after at least 24-48 hours.


Customized stickers are the quickest and classical way to label your kid’s clothing. Stickers are specially designed for children’s belongings, such as lunch boxes, stationery boxes, and water bottles. But they can also be used on children jackets and coats. Stickers are a considerably better option than a sharpie.

But many parents might be worried about what will happen to the sticker if they wash the clothes. So actually they don’t have to worry. All sticker labels are waterproof and laundry safe, and they will not be brought out during washing. Furthermore, sticker labels are designed in lots of varieties, from animals to flowers, so your child would surely love them if they were applied to their belongings.

Iron-On Labels

If you are planning to permanently label your child clothes, you can do it with iron-on labels. They are considered long tasting than stickers or tape. On the other hand, this process has some drawbacks too. When ironing the clothes, it will add stiffness to the garments if the iron gets too hot. Or maybe it can ruins the outfit entirely. Make sure you keep the temperature less during ironing to tackle such issues.

Sew-On Labels

Similar to iron-on labels, sew on labels are long running. But when it comes to labelling kids clothing, sew-on labels are not the best option. The extra garment might irritate the kid, and they will ask you to take them off. You can also sew labels right on the garment’s tag.

Washi Tape

Not many parents are interested in following this method at it needs lots of craftsmanship and creativeness. But if you are the kind of parent who loves to be creative, Washi Tape is for you. There is a wide collection of washi tapes with a variety of colours and patterns so that you can pick out your kid’s favourite colour. You can cut strips from washi tape and apply them where you want to, such as lunch box, stationery box, and water bottle or clothing tags. Also, if you didn’t like the idea, you can even take out the washi tape without ruining the tape.

Which one is the best from the above option?

The above options are the best choice if you know where and how to use them. For example, if you want to label water bottles and lunch boxes, the sticker is the best option. On the other side, if you want to label garments, then Sew-On or Iron-On Labels are preferred. You’ll want to make sure which labels will stick to the items you have in mind.


Last but not least, kids should be trained not to forget their belongings at school or playground. But as a parent, you also have to look after the kid’s stuff. From Tiffin box to stationery box to kid’s school bag, you must attach a label or an identification that helps the kids recognize their belongings. When you mark the kid’s belonging, write their name, contact name, guardian name, and if there is enough space, mention address. So if the thing is lost, it can be returned to the address.


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