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Canada is the best place for snowshoeing

Canada is one of the most interesting and snowy countries that you may know. There are a lot of interesting facts about Canada you should learn all day long.

You may know that Canada is a monarchy and that it has two official languages, but you may not know that it is the best place for snowshoeing.

People who love snowshoeing should live in Canada. You can meet people with the same interest, they can tell you their own tips you can tell them yours, and the best thing is that you can snowshoe most of the time.

So, there are great places in Canada for snowshoeing, the only thing you need to have is snowshoes. Buy men’s snowshoes and women’s snowshoes and even kids snowshoes from the same shop and after packing your backpack go snowshoeing. Sometimes you can even buy snowshoes for sale Canada.

So, if you have everything now it’s the time to talk about snowshoeing places in Canada.

The Canadian Rockies

Snowshoeing routes in Alberta’s Canadian Rockies are so exceptional and thrilling that the region is dubbed the adventure capital of Canada. There are several National Parks to select from, with Banff being one of them. On your journey, you will likely observe a lot of wild creatures and amazing scenery. You can sign up for one of Canadian Rockies Adventures’ daily guided snowshoe tours or even hire a guide for a personalized family tour. If you’re daring enough, you can go on a two-hour night hike where you can snowshoe next to a frozen pond under the stars.


There are numerous thrilling snowshoe paths in Muskoka, and they are among the best in Ontario. From Toronto, it takes roughly two and a half hours to get there. How authentically Canadian is that some Muskoka lodges include snowshoeing as part of your overnight stay with trails right on the property! With up to two feet of snow, your family may explore acres of snowy woodlands. You will have a lot of snug lodges and cafes to pick from to warm up with a substantial, well-deserved dinner and drink after an exciting day exploring the winter environment.

Kananaskis’ Highwood Pass

Fortunately, Highwood Pass is just a 90-minute drive from Calgary and is accessible via Canada’s highest paved road. Locals know they may find nice snow here starting in mid-November and that it will last until the end of the month when the roadway will close until the spring.

Elbow Lake is the ideal location for families looking to explore while staying out of avalanche terrain. It takes less than a mile to travel to the lake. Although the track ascends steadily for 450 feet to the lake, it is broad enough to accommodate sleds for small children, and most inexperienced snowshoers will find the trek to be easy enough for a nice outing.

Emerald Lake Lodge, Yoho National Park

The Lodge is a winter wonderland for those who enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing and is situated on the shores of Emerald Lake, which is suitably named in the summer. This is one of the rare locations in the Canadian Rockies where you may get a cabin with access to snowshoe trails. You can walk directly across the middle of the lake after it is thoroughly frozen, or there is a simple 3-mile loop that encircles the lake. A track-set loop around the lake and numerous more groomed cross-country trails are also available for skiers in the area.

Banff National Park’s scenic Icefields Parkway

One of Canada’s most picturesque routes, the Icefields Parkway connects the Town of Jasper in the nearby Jasper National Park with the Village of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. Most people who travel to Jasper for a long weekend do so while admiring the winter scenery along this highway from the windows of their vehicles. Though spending the night at one of the isolated wilderness hostels tucked away in the trees along the Parkway is great. If it wasn’t for a modest sign on the side of the road, most of the hostels would go completely unnoticed.

Jasper National Park

You should definitely keep driving and plan to spend a few nights in Jasper while you’re touring the Icefields Parkway. Jasper is a charming little town that is much more tranquil than Banff in the winter. You’ll feel very much like a “local” and be far from the typical tourist trail.

You should visit Maligne Canyon while you are in Jasper for a journey into a fantastical realm of frozen waterfalls and ice caves. Although you can complete the journey on your own with a pair of ice spikes or cleats, hiring a guide ensures your safety.

After your ice stroll, I suggest continuing on the highway a little bit further until you reach Medicine Lake, one of our favorite locations for some straightforward snowshoeing in untracked powder.

Ice skating on Pyramid Lake, downhill skiing at Marmot Basin Resort, cross-country skiing on one of the numerous groomed routes, and snowshoeing on one of the paths on the Pyramid Bench above the town are some of the other popular wintertime sports in Jasper.

Snowshoeing is really fun, everybody should do it at least once in a lifetime.

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