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Chopta chandrashila trek A Perfect Detailed Guide

Chopta Chandrashila Trek is a small attractive tourist town pinned at 2600 m. It is found out to be a last path for having visits to tungnath temple and Chandrashila Trek. You can feel it as outstanding by the nature and distances it offers to tourists. Chopta Chandrashila Trek is one of the popular gateways among north Indian states especially in Delhi. Through this detailed guide we want you to know more about it and create a feel as easy to attempt as same as possible for professional trekkers. 

How to reach Chopta

Chopta Chandrashila Trek is pinned at Garhwal of Uttarakhand. It can be reached via  Ukhimath – Chamoli – Gopeshwar road. From Haridwar it is distanced 225 kms and from Ukhimath it is just 29 km. The chopta Chandrashila Trek is standing at an altitude of 2650 m.  

You can prefer buses from haridwar. They would be normal buses,janrath buses and AC volvo buses. Then you will arrive at Chopta Chandrashila Trek at 10:00 or 10:30 pm as buses start from 4 am in the early morning. Or if you arrive at Haridwar by 4 or 5 in the morning,then it’s highly impossible to have buses during that time. 

So, according to the experiences we are suggesting you to not waste your time on wandering over the bus stand. When you move 500 m away from Haridwar to GMOU bus stand then you can find buses to reach you at Garhwal region. Or you can take the train from the railway station opposite to the GMOU bus stand. 

Planning the trek

You will mostly arrive at Chopta Chandrashila Trek by 2 or 3 pm. From chopta to tungnath temple it will take 3 hours for a person. And from there to Chandrashila another one hour. This trek difficulty level is calculated as as fair as easy level trek. So,even a first time trekker can hike easily and freely. Mostly people like to hike the tungnath temple and then return to Chandrashila Trek. Tungnath temple trek is easy; one can finish early and return back to Chandrashila by noon. Then you can take lunch either at tungnath or Chandrashila. You will get back to Chandrashila within 2 hours. 

Where to Stay in Chopta?

You can easily find countless guest houses and homestays at Chopta to stay. It just costs from 100/- to 500/- with four bedrooms and an attachable bathroom. Or else you can find many named popular hotels which are non luxurious however somehow better than guest houses and home stays. Before 5 km of Chopta you will find campaign resorts which offer  tents for 1500 INR at duggalbitta. Even at dhabas you can get a bed for 100/- during heavy filled weekends. 

At the starting point of the trek, tungnath temple, one can stay in tents. You can arrange tents on lush green meadows and enjoy a beautiful campaign experience. During weekends,if there is no pre-booking and no empty rooms available then you can do like this. 

And you can move 3 km ahead from Chopta on the Gopeshwar route for accommodation. Nearly 4-5 guest houses are available there in the balkan region. This place is surely a calm and pleasant place away from heavy crowds. Don’t waste your time on searching for accommodation,just get somewhere and rest well.

Best Timing for Views 

If you reach Chopta by 3 pm you can get marvellous scenic views of Tungnath and Chandrashila trek. You can start trekking from tungnath. After your exact 45 minutes you will get into the lush green meadows which are entirely shielded by the snow. Here accommodation facilities are available with 100-150 price. 

Trekkers who are physically fit can reach tungnath by their guest houses. And the sunrise of early mornings at Chandrashila are known to be legendary. If you miss it,you will miss the best part of Chopta Chandrashila Trek. If you stay at Tungnath then you can surely catch the sunrise. Otherwise it’s highly impossible. During trekking in between you can find accommodation facilities in ukhimath, Srinagar,kund and rudraprayag. Although it costs cheap, it provides luxurious facilities. Merely it is just 500/-. 

Best time to go to Chopta

March to May is best time to Visit Chopta. A colorful pinkish flowers are overwhelmed everywhere. Even the monsoon months are suggested to be best from June to August. However, follow the weather forecasts. September and November alsi seems to be best months to trek tungnath and Chandrashila. You can get a stunning view of snowy peaks and Himalayan ranges from there. 

December to March is a difficult time to trek at Chopta due to heavy snow on roads. However, trekking is possible. And accommodation is also unavailable during this time. So, better to make plans to visit Chopta Chandrashila Trek during December to March. February is the starting time for melting of snow and makes an easy route for trekking. 

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