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Download and install the Canon printer

Are you in search of on Mac and Windows PC? Despite the fact that there are several models of printers available on the hunt , ij.start cannon is one of the most basic choices for customers in regards to selecting the right printer. Contact Canon Service printer is recognized for its top-quality print quality. To utilize the printer, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the necessary steps for the arrangement. Here in this article this article, we’ll present the instructions and guidelines for the ij.start Canon measure. Now let’s start!

We Have Easy Steps For Canon IJ Setup:

1) Go to the Canon official website, search for an MP Driver for your printer, then download it in accordance with the settings of your computer.

2.) Find the downloaded file and extract it.

3) Then, open the folder that was created after extracting the downloaded files and then locate your file (.exe or .dmg) as per the OS running on your computer.

4) Double-click the application file to start installing the application.

5) If you are prompted to do so, click the Run button.

6) Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the installation.

Download Canon Printer Driver via ij.start cannon

The user is able to download the Canon printer driver from the official webpage, i.e., “” So, in order to make it easier for everyone, we have provided detailed instructions on how the user can easily download the Canon printer driver instantly and straightforwardly.

For Windows

The users need to open the browser on the internet.

Then in the address bar search using the search term “ij.start.cannon”.

The official page will be open in the system’s display.

After that, tap on the “Setup” icon.

Once this is done, the users must enter the printer model.

After that, press”Go” then hit the “Go” button.

After that, you can click then the “Start” icon.

After that, the users must follow on-screen instructions for preparing the printer.

The download link will be displayed upon the screen.

Now tap on”Download.

Once this is done, the “.exe” file will start downloading.

Now once the file gets downloaded, you can you can open the downloaded file.

After that, the “User Account Control” pop-up will appear on the screen.

Click on then the “Yes” button.

Following that after that, when you are done “start setup” window will show up before you.

By following these steps , it will be easy for everyone to download the Canon driver for their printers. When the driver gets downloaded, you can then begin the setup procedure outlined below.

How to Fix Canon Printer Offline Problem on Mac?

If the Canon printer has stopped working on the Mac because of a communication issue with your system. It could be because of the software or hardware. To fix this issue it is our intention to give you the complete step-by- method procedure. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Navigate to your search bar and type in “Printers and Scanners” and select it.

A new window will open called Printers & Scanners.

You must open your printer within the available table and then click “Open queue”.

The printer you choose will be opened.

Select the “Printer” icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Uncheck “Use Printer Offline”, if it is unchecked.

Canon setup the association method using ij.start canon

In the event that the device doesn’t come with an WPS inclusion, make use of this strategy and follow the guidelines below :

1. Associate the PC to your printer for setting.

2. Burden the papers in the information plate.

3. Hold and press the drop or resume button for a few minutes.

4. In the printout of the information page, simply go over the association status.

5. It is essential to look up the organization name moreover.

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