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Computers and Technology

Exploring Key Features of Cat6a Plenum Cable

Ethernet cables, such as Cat6a Plenum Cables, are widely used in the business and residential sectors. What is it that makes this cable a top-rated product? Let’s discover.

Cat6a Plenum Cable Jacket

This Bulk Cat6a Plenum cable has a rated jacket that is plenum-rated or CMP-rated. When it comes to ethernet cables, CMP jackets are a must. CMP jacket functions as an iOS of Ethernet cables. An ethernet cable that has CMP-rated jackets has fire-resistant properties. It means that in the event of sparks of fire, the cable will stop the progression of the fire and emit harmful gases and elements. It is secure to be installed.

A question may come up in your head: what’s the purpose of having CMP-rated jackets about the fire. CMP-rated cables such as the Plenum Cat6a cable are used in the plenum and horizontal spaces in buildings. Plenum spaces are distinct spaces in the building intended to facilitate air circulation, air conditioning, and heating. It is common to find plenum space beneath a raised floor or drop-down ceiling or between the ceiling structure.

Since these areas typically have more air pressure than the surrounding area, the chance of fires bursting in these areas is extremely high. Thus, the TIA/EIA standard binds you to install a CMP-rated cord in Plenums.

Lightning-fast data transfer rates

This Bulk Cat6a Plenum cable can support data transfer speeds of 10 Gbps for 100 meters. The speed of data transfer is superior to one offered through Cat7 cables.

Augmented Bandwidth

The Cat6a cable is equipped with an increased bandwidth of 775 millimeters. It means the signal strength stays strong across longer distances. You have seamless and optimal connectivity.

Bare Copper Conductors

The Cat6a Plenum Cable comes with 8 pure copper conductors tightly wrapped in four twisted pairs. Every twister is isolated from its counterpart by the Spline. So crosstalk is eliminated while electromagnetic interference gets impeded.

Bare copper conductors will also make your signal higher over distances of a long-distance and are less susceptible to signal loss (loss on signal strength). They are superior in every way in every way CCA (copper-clad aluminum conductors).


This bulk Cat6a Plenum ethernet cable is compatible with the following protocols: 10BASE-T 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet 1000BASE-T (IEEE802.3) 100VG-AnyLAN (IEEE802.12) 700 Mega MHz Broadband Video Voice T1, ISDN 155/ 622 Mbps, as well as ATM PoE (Power over Ethernet).

It complies with the requirements of the following specifications: FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS, and many others.

The following are the essential points you need to know about this incredible Ethernet cable.

Unshielded and shielded Cat6a Plenum Cable

Ethernet Cables usually include an additional layer of protection from crosstalk and keep EMI from affecting the signal bulk. Ethernet Cables typically include an extra layer or layers of shielding in their foil sheaths that wrap around each twisted pair. Some cable companies have two foil sheaths: one for each twisted team and the other that covers all 4 twisted pairs. These cables are referred to as shielded Twisted Pair Ethernet cables.

The cables that don’t contain any additional layers of security are referred to as unshielded twisted pairs.

Shielded twisted-pair cables are used in harsh conditions (spaces in which excessive crosstalk or EMI are present), While unshielded twisted-pair cables are designed for use in normal conditions.

Be aware that shielded Ethernet cables are more expensive than ethernet cables that are not shielded.

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