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Floral Wedding Invitation Suitable for Modern Weddings

No wedding is complete without a unique wedding invitation. So, floral wedding invitation create the atmosphere of the event. This will give your guests a first look at your wedding theme. So you can’t save the wedding invitation.

Want to add all kinds of romance to your wedding day? Then all you need is a floral wedding invitation. If you’re planning an outdoor or backyard wedding or love flowers and floral details, add an elegant element to your event stationery. Also, these details are not only suitable for spring and summer weddings. So, for cold weather events, ask your office designer to use seasonal flowers in your suite. You can also choose a dark colour for the paper stack. There are many ways to use flowers for stationery, depending on the wedding colour theme of your big day. Then add it to the invitation or place the floral design elsewhere. Use these elements for envelopes or RSVP cards as well.

Add a personal touch to your suite by customizing your favourite floral details. Then I work on the colour palette for the wedding day. And maybe even a selection of flower dates. Then, with further customization, stationery can anticipate many future details of important days. Then entertain your guests with a classic rose-themed event. Bohemian parties, on the other hand, call for wildflowers. You can also use other whimsical flowers like cosmos or poppies. If you’re on a modern occasion, surround your contemporary geometric design with bright flowers.

Then, let’s take a look at the 12 most beautiful floral wedding invitations for inspiration. Traditional garden wreaths are used as floral wedding invitations.

Traditional Garden Garland as Floral Wedding Invitations

This beautiful floral crown is the perfect example of a traditional and elegant floral wedding invitation. Then the soothing colours of the bold white card make the wedding invitation more elegant than the traditional white. And this invitation can be used for spring and summer weddings. Excellent for any autumn or winter wedding. Because you can see green all year round. And it doesn’t give much information about the rest of the subject. And it works with a variety of colour schemes. So consider simply adding leaves to your flower arrangement. Then you will unite your day and impress your discerning guests.

Floral Wedding Invitations in Hues of Blue

Deep purple and pink shades of this floral design give it a unique expression. Then it’s perfect for a cold-weather wedding. And this while maintaining a romantic character. Then it’s a great invitation for couples who want to use similar shades in their colour scheme. And the bride looks great in dark purple or pink. This will let your guests know that a magical winter wonderland awaits them.

Blossom and Long Leaves Invitations

If you’re planning a spring wedding, choose this gorgeous pale pink and blue design. And this unique floral pattern is whimsical, but not too feminine. So it’s perfect for a bohemian or country wedding. Expect beautiful pastel colors and bright arrangements of spring flowers. This beautiful invitation set will become a special memento of your big day when framed and hung around your home

Summer Wreath Portrait Invitations

Here’s another traditional bouquet, but this time with added summer flowers. This makes this design the perfect invitation for couples planning a traditional and romantic wedding. Perfect if your wedding is in the middle of summer. Ideal for those who want to include roses in their floral arrangements. Perfect if you want to surround your guests with an abundance of summer plants. It is perfect if you have an important day in your own backyard or at a beautiful wedding.

Dark Garden Floral Wedding Invitations

This dark invitation evokes the atmosphere of a mysterious secret garden. Then dark shades are suitable for a winter wedding. But thanks to the bright flowers, it can be used in autumn or spring. If so, this floral design is more modern than a simple invitation with a bouquet or flower motif. This lets your guests know you’re not having a traditional wedding ceremony, but doesn’t give you much of an idea of ​​what to expect.

Centrepiece Floral Wedding Invitations

This is not your traditional floral design. But it’s perfect for a warm weather wedding. Then this lily picture is modern, unique and real so you can feel the sweet fragrance of lilies. The formal and elegant design is perfect for those who wear a plant-themed black tie.

Pastel Coloured Invitations

Planning a tropical or beach wedding? Then take a look at this gorgeous modern pastel blue wedding invitation. Bright and unique, it attracts and excites guests and makes them wonder about the day’s plans. Follow this design on all your wedding stationery to create a bright, tropical atmosphere with designs your guests will never forget.

Elemental Floral Design Invitations

Perfect for couples who want to fill their day with unique, colourful, fun, intense and dramatic colours. You can theme them with the red and yellow of our stationery set or keep the rest of the colours simple to use for orders of service, wedding information sheets and menus. No matter what you choose, your guests will flock to this beautiful and truly unique design, unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Vintage Rose Floral Wedding Invitations

This beauty looks like a totally trendy heirloom. Then the double layer of parchment and digital printing is just beautiful. That’s why we love these stunts printed in gold ink on a layer of parchment. And gold thermal printing will open your mind.

Letterpress Floral Wedding Invitations

When researching wedding stationery, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different printing methods. Printing basically refers to how printing started. Text and images are usually inked on paper to create an impression that can be seen and felt. Then this can be applied to any wedding style.

Gold Foil Stamping in Floral Wedding Invitations

Gold leaf printing is very similar to letterpress printing. And they use special metal plates and metal ink to make an impression on the paper. Then the bright details attract attention and look beautiful with a flower pattern. That’s why we love the timeless design of our patios. And it comes in matte gold. Then there is the matte copper rod and the Corrine design. There is also a simple font on a slightly flourished background.

Laser-cut Invitations

Laser cutting works especially well with floral patterns. Then all the beautiful leaves can unfold in your design.

So if you like this floral wedding invitation, add it to your bookmarks and don’t forget to use it in time.

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