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Get UAE-based Dubai VPS Hosting with Latest Technology – Onlive Server

Introduction to UAE-based Dubai VPS

Onlive Server takes pride in providing reliable and affordable web hosting plans for worldwide locations “UAE, Dubai VPS Hosting” is one of them. Having the right hosting plan is a must for every online business. We make sure to offer the right hosting plan that best suits your online business within your budget. We have a variety of Dubai VPS hosting plans that will suit any set of needs. Also, deliver KVM VPS powered by powerful processors with guaranteed memory and extremely high availability of resources. Can the user choose Linux or Windows OS and get the freedom to update required and install any application/software independently? We configure our plans based on customer hosting demand. Our servers can be used for many purposes such as hosting your website, site development, data storage, server data backup, gaming servers and proxy IP servers, DNS, VPN, VoIP, mail hosting, etc.

Why Should You Choose Dubai VPS Server Hosting?

Our Dubai VPS Server Hosting plan is affordable in price which makes it perfect as well as in high demand in the hosting market. It is a perfect choice for all types of business classes whether it is small or medium. For server security, we provide DDoS protection which helps to protect your server from malicious software or virus attack, don’t worry it also protects your server from unauthorized login or data access. This is your chance to get a powerful server to easily load heavy websites, saving money or time. Your VPS server will be run by one of the most secure hosting environments in UAE, Dubai. A secure hosting environment with dedicated resources means you have great processing power and your website will load faster.

Enjoy the ultimate power and performance of UAE, Dubai VPS. It focuses on increasing the speed of your website, giving maximum uptime with SSD VPS hosting servers.

Dubai Cloud VPS Hosting Feature Highlights


  • Immediate Provisions
  • Install Your Own Apps
  • Choice Of Linux/Windows OS
  • Pre-Install Web Hosting Control Panel
  • Full Root Access
  • Dedicated Ram And CPU
  • High Potential Service
  • Suitable For Complex Websites
  • Seamless Upgrade Options
  • SSD Drive
  • Low Latency
  • High-Level Security
  • 9% SLA Guarantee
  • Support Service
  • 24/7/365 Support Availability
  • Free Consultation

Our UAE VPS Server Hosting is a force of cloud and KVM virtualization technologies to fuel business website development. Onlive Server Private Limited provides an advanced technology team with 24/7 support. Here you will find an integrated control panel that allows you to manage your domain, web hosting, cloud, and dedicated infrastructure. All server plans are easily managed through cPanel/WHM. The user can flexibly allocate his virtual hosting capacity to various projects and applications.

High Performance:

One of the main advantages of Dubai VPS hosting servers is that you can get high-quality performance at a very affordable cost. Great processors, excellent memory, and quick circle drives are currently reachable for most economical website admins. In fact, you can get even better quality out of a dedicated server – especially if your site has high traffic.


One of the best Dubai VPS hosting server benefits is that you will be able to maximize your use of resources. One of the biggest reasons people choose VPS over dedicated servers is because of the flexibility of virtualization they offer. You can manage your servers independently, so you don’t have to wait for your physical machines to boot up.

Choice of OS:

Another advantage of a VPS hosting server is that you can use almost any application platform. You can use Windows, Mac, and Linux, so you never have to choose one over the other. You can also install different types of software on each of your servers so that you can easily create and update your websites. And, of course, if one platform doesn’t work, you have full root access to any of your VPS.


Onlive Servers Managed Dubai VPS Server Hosting is all custom assembled, secure, and streamlined out of the crate. VPS servers in UAE are the gateway to an environment for private hosting that can be used alone for purposes specific to a specific work area of ​​expertise. Unlike shared networks, VPS’s dedicated servers do not require you to go around sharing it with other users, which ensures transparent and hassle-free configuration. Flexible environments include changing the company’s data flow and the various software and applications that serve the task. The VPS server hosting company makes sure that you have a compatible instance for whatever type of software or platform you are using.

Control and Customization Another feature of the best VPS servers is where you have some control over the creation of the data. Cheap server hosting has many affordable plans to choose from as per your purpose, and you can definitely go for one of them.

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