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Shoes are synonymous with athletic running and jogging. After all, you can’t run barefoot on plains, rocky hills,

and terrains without damaging your precious feet. So this means that your will and shoes should be unparalleled

and exudes class.  Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard the name Nike and their top-tier

shoes. They are one of the World’s pioneers of sneakers and have been doing that effortlessly for the past 50

years. Nike is not just famous for its shoes but its marketing is in other class slogans like “Just Do It”, “Bo Knows”,

“If you let me Play” and “Hello World” among others have helped Nike shape the Shoe industry for better. But

make no mistake their shoes are among the best if not the very best when it comes to comfort, style, and

performance. They have a tagline that says “If you have a body you are an athlete”.

Well, if you are looking for the best shoes to buy, look no further than Nike shoes. Let us explore:

  1. Nike Air Force 1:

Nike Air Force 1 is one of the bestselling shoe lineups in Nike’s portfolio. For over 35 years Air Force 1 has been providing comfort and style straight out of the package. Like Nike Air Force 1 Mid ‘07 features Stitch overlays to pristine leather and cup sole design you’ve got comfort and style. Padded mid-height collar, classic hook-and-loop closure gives premium feel and stability. Nike Air Force 1 is good for low-impact exercises but is best for casual wear and walking.

  1. Nike Blazer:

Originally designed for Basketball players, Nike Blazer is styled for 70s, loved in 80s and classic in 90s. Nike

releases classic rendition of these blazers every now and then for their die-hard fans like the Nike Blazer Mid ’77

Vintage. This Nike Blazer has leather and synthetic upper which looks crisp and easy to style. You’ll feel the retro

vibes via vintage treatment of midsole. If you are a fan of basketball and skateboarding you should definitely

check out these shoes as they are one of the kind and your friends will be asking where to get them.

  1. Nike Air Max:

As the name suggest, Air Max comes with one or more translucent sacks of pressurized gas embedded and is

visible outside of the shoe. This helps in superior cushioning to traditional foam and reduces weight while on

long run. Nike Air Max Plus brings beach life to the city with cushioning to last, and adds plastic toe tip for added

durability and shine.

  1. Nike Dunks:

Nike Dunks are so rare and highly coveted that they retail for more than 375% of their actual retail value.

Cherished for their defiant style and ultimate comfort Nike Dunks are celebrated each and every day since their

launch 35 years ago. With unique look and the Nike’s signature swoosh logo, they are without a doubt true

classic wear of the street with definitive laces and rubber sole for more comfortable day and night.

  1. Nike Air Max 270:

Sports shoes but can be worn all day with ease, ever heard of that phrase? Well now you have with the Nike Air

Max 270. The Nike Air Max 270 has unrivaled all day comfort, something that can’t be said about what the rest of

the industry has to offer. The Nike Air Max 270 screams Nike in every way with woven and synthetic fabric and

foam midsole for softness. You won’t be able to wear another pair of shoe after wearing them.

  1. Nike Air Max 90 Women’s:

Women are an equal part of the society and they also take park in sports activities, and other stuffs just like men.

Women sports are gaining momentum and so is the footwear that is given attention. The Nike Air Max 90 for

women is designed for women carrying out hard and long duties, athletic jogs, and others with padded low-top

collar, and unbelievable cushioning.

  1. Nike Air Max 90:

Nike Air Max 90 gives you unmatched portability, comfort, and long-lasting style, which are crucial when it comes

to exercise, running, and casual walking. After all, what you wear defines how much you can go further. The Nike Air Max Terrascape 90 is made from at least 20% recycled content. Consider your run and exercise environment

friendly as you give back to the planet via Nike Air Max 90.

  1. Nike Air Max 90 Premium:

Want a Nike Air Max 90 but with added premium features and style? Look for Nike Air Max 90 Premium. These

shoes have legacy behind them and have been adorned by Nike fans and consumers worldwide. With Air Max 90

Premium you’ll get striking bright colors, a waffle outsole, and exposed air cushioning, along with a twill tongue,

Nubuck mudguard, it keeps you running for longer period of time without tiring, which is very cool if you plan to

jog or exercise for continuous amount of time.


Whatever shoes you prefer from Air Force 1 to Air Max to Nike Dunk to Blazer for your adventure, exercises, or

just casual walking, you won’t be disappointed by their quality, comfort, style, and the vibe that is guaranteed

with Nike. Nike has over the top collection for your needs.

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