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While thinking of a wall neon signs art décor, we have a variety of choices to go for as people all over the world want their surroundings to look attractive and brighter. Then why opt for LED neon signs? Why can’t we choose something more interesting or decorative to enhance our space and mood?

Apart from the fact that LED neon signs have gained popularity for a creative wall art décor. But it is one of the advantageous pieces of art for investment. When you are investing your money, you need to look at all the benefits of that particular item. Figure out the wall you want to decorate, the space required, colors, theme, etc. LEDs are wrapped in protective polymer, and are light weighted and flexible as compared to the traditional glass neon signs thus are better, environmentally friendly, cheaper, and safer.

Why choose LED neon signs?

Here are some of the most important features which might help you in creating a brighter future for your space with Led signs.

  • Energy efficient

They are energy efficient so there is no need to worry about electricity bill expenses. Compared to conventional neon signs, these custom neon signs consume around 15 times less electricity. Tubes that have bent are used to measure signage size. Old neon signage consumes more energy 20 watts of electricity per hour per foot. However, an LED light with the same length and thickness as a neon tube would consume only 1.2 watts of electricity per hour.

  • Affordable

Installation of LED signage is quicker and simpler than that of their antiquated counterparts due to the flexibility and lighter weight of LED. While the initial cost of LED equipment is higher, this is offset by labor and longevity savings. Since LED prices have decreased thanks to advances in technology, LED signage currently makes up the majority of modern signage.

  • Low maintenance

LED signage may be easily maintain without having to handle hot-to-touch components thanks to individual, durable bulbs. LED signage may be easily clean with a moist cloth whether they are on or off. Neon signs must be turn off and given time to cool before cleaning. Since it is safe and sturdy even if it falls, you will have one less thing to worry about and can be expose to people as a result.

Additionally, LED signage requires almost no upkeep. The neon gas inside the glass tubes of neon signs eventually runs out, and this must be change by a qualify neon sign manufacturer or by purchasing new signage. In addition to being easily change and having a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, LEDs are also much less susceptible to weather changes, allowing you to use your customize neon sign outside without worrying about water damage.

  • Versatility

They can be individually program to be “active,” and they offer a great deal of versatility in terms of artistic expression. LED lights can alter their hue, fade between colors, and flash at varying intensities because to their programmable nature. The fact that LED bulbs are available in a number of sizes permits more imaginative design. And this is true regardless of the area that needs to be illuminate.

  • Durable

LED signs typically have a lifespan of 100,000 hours or more, which equates to 11 years, before they need to be replace. Additionally, they are resistant to water and have a lower risk of being harm by the weather. As a result, there is the potential for increase cost savings in severe regions.

We frequently come across a sign that has “burnt out” in part. Which gives a company the impression of being run-down and unkempt. Because LED bulbs are so easy to swap out, using them won’t negatively impact the efficiency of your operation or the environment you’re working in.

  • Safety

LED neon signs generate very little heat and are completely safe to touch even when illuminated. In addition, LED bulbs are resilient, in contrast to the fragile glass tubing use in traditional neon signs. This means that in the event that the sign is smash, the shatter glass will not pose a risk to anyone. There is a risk of electric shock when working with neon signs.

  • Eco friendly

Due to the little amount of energy that they require and the fact that they are so long-lasting. LED signs are the most eco-friendly option for lighting signage. LED light bulbs are also to be make recyclable in greater and greater numbers. When using LED, there are no concerns regarding gases, glass tubes, argon, or mercury.

  • Brightness

Because of their steady brightness, LED signs are easy to read both from a distance and when one is up close to the display. You can easily mute LED neon lights to suit your tastes. Allowing them to be display either during the day or at night. The ability to modify the display’s brightness makes flexible displays possible.

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