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Here’s How To Boost Up Your Vivo Smartphone Performance

It is a fact that phones start to perform poorly after a few years of frequent usage. But, the performance of your phone is crucial. Your day-to-day job depends on how your phone is performing.

If you buy a Vivo smartphone, you will feel that the operating system is pretty light, and that is why it can help you have a pitch-perfect user experience.

We know you are looking to invest in Vivo phones under 20000. But, if you are planning to use the same for years together, you should follow a few steps to boost the performance of your Vivo smartphone. 

Even if your phone has flag-ship features and stunning hardware with the excellent OS.

  • Updating the Android OS

You will get OS update notifications from time to time, and to keep the performance of your Vivo phone stable, you must update the Android OS whenever you get the update alert. A smartphone’s smooth functioning depends on the OS it runs on.

Hence, keeping the operating system in good shape is a must. Your New Vivo Phone must have the latest Android update to perform smoothly like butter. Vivo phones under 20000 are pretty high-performing, and you will get the Android update notification at regular intervals.

Updates generally have bug fixes, improved user experience & interface, and more. The Android phone needs to have high-performance, lag-free operations, good connectivity, and user-friendly attributes. All these will remain up-to-date if you keep the OS updated. 

  • Never keep unnecessary applications

Unnecessary applications make the phone bloat, only to hamper your phone’s stable performance. This is the same for your Vivo smartphone. Hence, if your phone is overburdened with unnecessary applications, kindly uninstall all the superfluous apps and help your phone run smoothly.

Removing applications will also clear up enough space to facilitate the fast performance of your phone. Plus, the data usage on your Vivo phone will reduce significantly, which will enhance the speed. 

  • Disabling useless applications

No, don’t be confused; uninstalling and disabling are different things altogether. Disabling the applications will not remove the application entirely from the phone, and the files will stay in the Vivo phone.

Disabling the applications means keeping them on the phone in a dormant state. If you ever think you want to use a specific app, you can re-enable it on your Vivo phone. All the android Vivo phones under 20000 and more have the disabling option. 

  • Always stay away from animations

The steps to follow: Settings > Developer Options > Window Animation Scale > Animation scale 10x. Reducing the animation scale will facilitate the faster functioning of your Vivo phone. 

  • 3D wallpapers, not a good idea

3D wallpapers undoubtedly look beautiful. But, they feed on the CPU. It will also result in wearing out of battery life. If you want your Vivo smartphone to run smoothly, avoid using 3D wallpapers or live wallpapers. 

  • A high-speed memory card will be convenient

If your Vivo phone falls short of memory space, it will become sluggish. To enhance the speed, make sure to use a memory card with massive storage space.

You can also Shop Vivo Phones Under 20000 that have mammoth memory space. However, if you still need more space, cards falling under the category of 6 to10 should fulfill your requirements.

  • More widgets? Nope

Widgets work round the clock to keep you updated with weather updates, news updates, remind you of the dates. The widgets also keep a tab on necessary configurations such as switching GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI, and more.

Too many widgets staring right at you from the home screen will hamper the performance of your Vivo phone.

Here are all the tips and tricks to keep your Vivo smartphone high-performing for a long time. Now, you can freely go forward and buy any Vivo phones under 20000 and use them for as long as you want. Is a budget a problem?

No worries, because with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card, you can avail yourself of the no-cost EMI scheme and pay for your Vivo phone.

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