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How Can I Manage Discussion and See What Students Understand During Virtual Class?

Conducting a virtual class is a huge matter. You need all the elements in your virtual event platform to create a proper discussion and understand the students better during a virtual class. Moreover, just pick the best virtual class solution to get all the required features and convenience in your event. 

Also, you can get 24/7 technical customer support for an errorless and immersive experience. There are various ways that can be helpful to manage the discussions better. Here are some pointers enlisted so that you can get a proper check on the students’ understanding during the virtual class. 

9 Ways to Manage Discussion & Check Students’ Understanding During Virtual Class!

You can find it difficult to analyze what students learn and understand with your virtual class. So, 9 Ways to manage discussion and check students’ understanding during virtual class are as follows:

  • Create Discussion Panels

You need to create a separate space for extra discussion with the students, TAs, and other experts. Hence, the best virtual event platform provides the networking table for such requirements. It is an 8 seater round networking table where the students and other experts can interact 1:1 or in groups. Moreover, such discussions will be helpful to know the part where students lack the knowledge.

 The students can get their answers with various interactive tools like live chat, audio call, and video call. Moreover, such discussions can manage better discussions and cut all the barriers between the students and the TAs. 

  • Using Chat to Check for Understanding

It can be hard to connect with the experts on-call during the live sessions. So, you can use the chat or comment option at that time. You can ask your question in a written layout and get an answer in any written or verbal format. Moreover, it is upon the speaker whether they share the information between the session or tell you the solution after the lecture.

The TAs should make sure that they answer each and every question asked by the students. It will increase the interactiveness and communication between the students and teachers. 


  • Use Pre Recorded Videos

It can be challenging to answer the various questions for the students in live sessions because you have content to teach and finish. So, the top hybrid summit platform provides an option to create a pre-recorded session of your lecture. It will be helpful to answer all the queries in real-time. Moreover, you will be free to interact with the students live during the session.

Students can ask questions they have in mind and get solutions in real life. Also, they can ask counter questions. In short, the pre-recorded video is helpful to manage discussion and know what students understand with the class. 

  • Use Virtual Class Discussion Ideas

You can use various ideas that make your virtual class interactive and fun. Moreover, you can use enjoyable quizzes, contests, games, and various fun activities to teach the concept better. Hence, you can get games and quizzes options with the best virtual event platform.

So, get ready with the fun quizzes and activities that you will add to make your virtual event more fun. You can find this way an achievement even in a physical classroom. 

  • Adapt External Integrations for Communication

It is vital to provide various sources to the students and experts to connect with each other. Hence, you can get several external integrations with the best virtual event platform. They provide built-in live chat, audio, video call elements. Also, make it seamless with the integrations like WhatsApp, Zoom, Bluejeans, etc.

  • Use Question & Answer Session

Asking questions in a class is normal. But asking queries in between a lecture can disturb the flow. So, it is essential to get a proper time for asking questions and answering all the doubts at once. Hence, you can create a Q&A session with the best virtual event platform.

All the attendees get the option to ask many doubts as they have around the topic in such sessions. Also, they will receive all the answers from the experts in time. 

  • Show Peer Work Through Virtual Gallery Walks

It is vital to get complete freedom to design your virtual class as per your requirements. Hence, you can get the customization option with the best virtual event platform. Moreover, from the lobby to the auditorium to banners, you can place everything as per your choice.

You can place the various peers in the lobby area for a gallery walk. Also, you can add some animated lighting and background melodies for a better exhibition experience. So, you can use the banners space to place all of these peers and infographics. 

  • Provide Several Options to Demonstrate the Topic

It is crucial to share notes and help books with the students. So, the top hybrid summit platform provides a document library. You can share all the important notes, books, pdf, and other files with this library. Moreover, the students can access, view, and download the various documents with the library. Also, you can bookmark the crucial files and books that you may require for the upcoming session.

  • Ask Questions and Challenge Your Students with Live Poll

It is crucial to test the basic knowledge and engage students with some questions. So, you can create a live student poll with the top virtual event platform. Moreover, you can ask a question giving options to the students that they can answer by voting their choice. It can engage the students during the sessions.

Also, it can make the students think about the topic and its various factors. Such challenges can help you learn more and revise the pointers they have already studied in their classes. 

So, these are the various ways that can be helpful to manage discussions and check what students understood during the virtual class. You can get a seamless and interactive hybrid class with such features. Moreover, choose the best virtual event platform for an all-in-one solution. 

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to create a seamless discussion in a virtual class to manage and check the students’ understanding during a virtual class. 

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