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How to choose a folding knife?

Folding knives are an important part of everyday troubleshooting tools. Although it is less durable than the traditional Folding knife. But it is more compact and easier to transport. Of the various models available in the market, which one is best for your application?

We’ve put together a list of standards you need to check when purchasing.


The size depends on the type of Best Folding knife and its use. It may be smooth or it may have partial scars. Drop points are the most diverse. The clip tip has a pointed tip (like a sword) and provides a thin edge. The tip of the spear is symmetrical and the tip of the dagger is like scissors. The needle tip is very sharp. At the point of disappearance, there is an arc pointing upwards at the tip of the blade. Remember to sharpen the knife regularly with a sharpener to keep the blade sharp.

Steel Blade: 

This factor determines the durability of the knife. There are two types of corrosion resistance and hardness steel: oxide steel and carbon steel. And stainless steel (usually) oxide steel is not corrosion-resistant. But some stainless steels that are stronger, stronger, and easier to sharpen, such as the 8Cr14MoV and S30V, make knives more durable.


A non-slip coating is required to prevent slipping. The balance between the handle and the blade must be optimal for tact and strength. The material used determines the resistance to cracks, impacts, and even harsh conditions. Fiberglass compounds such as G-10 should be used with low cost and high strength.


Each brand develops its own techniques for implementing this process. The thumbscrew allows you to open the knife with one hand. The thumb hole is used to remove the blade from the handle. Flapper on the back of the knife. The blade sticks out when pulled and the nail incision is a small pressure at the end. Where do you put your nails?


The liner lock is a method used to lock a small steel bar blade. This is how the frame lock system works. But its design is more durable. The back lock involves pushing the pump on the handle. The tipping mechanism uses a ring between the blade and the handle, and finally, the bench lock pivot works closely with the spring and shaft that locks the blade.

Additional features: 

Sometimes some have fake features. Especially for multi-functional knives, they can take the shape of a knife. The same goes for nail files, screwdrivers, scissors, toothpicks, and even tweezers, but these tools are much faster.


In most cases, the manufacturer provides bag clips. Some knives can be overturned. You have the option to place the knife left, right, up, or down.

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