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How to draw a scary pumpkin

How to draw a scary pumpkin. Halloween is one of the unique holidays of the year. While most festivities are bright and cheerful, Halloween is about making things a little dark and spooky, and there are several telltale signs that the spooky season is upon us. One of the most common signs of Halloween is seeing spooky pumpkins on porches and in gardens.

While it can be fun to make one, it can also be enjoyable to learn how to draw a scary pumpkin so you can design the perfect one. This tutorial will teach us how to draw one of these scary vegetables. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

How to draw a scary pumpkin

Step 1:

We will start this guide by drawing a scary pumpkin by beginning with the outline of this vegetable. Pumpkins have short, thick stems, and that’s what we’re going to remove first. This will have a roughly rounded shape at the end to show where it was cut. Next, use more downward curved lines and add line details in the middle. Next, we are going to draw the sides of this pumpkin. You can add them using curved lines running down the sides of the stem. Then we can resume stepping 2 to count better to this difficult pumpkin!

Step 2:

In the previous step, we created the sides of this scary pumpkin design, and in this second, we will draw the base. The sides of the pumpkin have been drawn as simple smooth curved lines, but the base will look a little different. The floor will be removed utilizing several curved lines that connect. These lines will also extend inside the pumpkin. The reference image will show you how to place these curved lines, then skip to step 3 of the guide!

Step 3:

For the next part of this guide on how to draw a scary pumpkin, we’ll start adding the facial features along with some other details. Before drawing these facial features, we will first add some details to the base of the stem.

Do this by extending a few curved lines from the base of the stem outward, adding depth. Next, we are going to draw the eyes of this scary pumpkin.

These will be removed using harsh, jagged lines. It looks like the eyes have been cut out with a knife. They will also be angled downward for a more sinister look. Finally, draw a nose between the eyes using similar jagged lines, then we can move on to step 4.

Step 4:

Every good Jack-o-lantern has a big lewd grinning mouth, and we’ll add one to your scary pumpkin drawing in this fifth step. This month will also be drawn with the same jagged line you used for the nose and eyes, and it will look huge on the spooky pumpkin face.

Once it’s drawn as it appears in our reference image, we’ll add some detail to it and the finishing touches in the next step of the guide.

Step 5:

How to draw a scary pumpkin

You are now ready to complete the final details and elements of this step of our guide on how to draw a scary pumpkin. In this step, we will mainly focus on adding depth to the parts that have been cut out. To do this, draw lines parallel to the inner contours of the cropped areas. Add some small line details, which will help make them look more 3D.

Once you’re done with those details, you can add your details! It might be nice to add a tremendous Halloween-themed background. There are many other Halloween icons that you can use as a background, and you can also draw a few more objects around this spooky pumpkin. What fun and spooky details can you think of to complete this image?

Step 6:

How to draw a scary pumpkin

For the last step of this spooky pumpkin drawing, we’re going to finish it with some colors! Our reference image shows you the colors we would choose for this image. We used shades of orange for the outside of the pumpkin, then incorporated yellows for the inside edges that you drew inside the cutout areas. We then used dark brown for the interior parts to keep a more mysterious look for the scary pumpkin.

Make your scary pumpkin drawing even better.

Making your spooky pumpkin sketch even better doesn’t have to be difficult with these tips! Often when people make a jack-o-lantern for Halloween, they make a few. Adding something else to this scary pumpkin drawing makes it even more challenging! You can follow the guide and modify the other templates until each is unique. How many you add is entirely up to you, so how many do you plan to include? Once you are happy with the number of pumpkins in your picture, you can add other Halloween decorations. There are so many spooky decorations to choose from!

These could include scary animals like spiders or bats. Of course, classic monsters and demons like ghosts, witches, and zombies wouldn’t be out of place. What spooky decorations could you add to this picture to make it even more bizarre and mysterious for that Halloween spirit? Then we think a background would be perfect for this spooky pumpkin design. Adding experience would be great because you could use your imagination. It can be a simple setting, like a porch, or you can go for something even scarier. This could have something like a haunted home or perhaps a mysterious cemetery.

These are just a few ideas for some background settings, but there are so many more you could do! What exists are the main thoughts that come to reason? The longer a pumpkin is left, the more it will rot. It won’t produce a pleasant smell, but it can make the pumpkin even scarier. It would make it even scarier if you wanted to adapt this look to your spooky pumpkin sketch! You can search for pictures of rotten pumpkins if you want them to be more realistic.

Your scary pumpkin drawing is complete!

You’ve completed all 6 steps in this guide to drawing a scary pumpkin, and you should be very proud of the excellent picture you’ve created! We’ve tried to create a simple and visually appealing scary pumpkin representation that you can work with, and we’ve also worked hard to make sure it’s fun and easy to draw.

Now that you’ve finished it, you can continue having fun adding your personal touches and style to the picture. We talked about adding a background or other Halloween objects and icons, but what else can you think of to complete it? You can also keep having fun by visiting our website for more fantastic drawing guides. We plan to bring many more new ones soon, so stay tuned for them! Finally, when you’re ready to show off your spooky pumpkin drawing, you can share your finished spooky pumpkin drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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