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How To Embed Twitter Widget – Why It Is So Important?

Adding tweets to the website is a very interesting way to create an influential brand image. Why? Because Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms. Millions of people are active on the Twitter widget to collect information, get news, and share their opinions on social media.

Easy Ways To Embed Twitter Widget To Your Website

You can bring this engagement to your website by adding Twitter widgets. All you need to do is follow simple processes to add them to your website. There are two ways to embed tweets on your website – one of the methods is using a Twitter Widget, and the other is using the Publish Twitter option.

In this blog post, we will discuss the ways to embed Twitter widget on website and how it will benefit you.

Method 1 Using a Social Media Aggregator

#Step-1: Select a social media aggregator tool to get started. If you haven’t used any such tool before, then refer to our recommended tools below. Social Media Aggregator Tools for You:

  1. Tagembed
  2. Juicer
  3. Elfsight

#Step-2: Once you select the tool, create an account on it.

#Step-3: Now, it’s time to get started. Create a social feed with the tool. 

#Step-4: Choose Twitter as the source in the options available to you.

#Step-5: You can aggregate content from Twitter using different ways. The social media aggregator tool will give you the option to collect content from Twitter using hashtags, handles, mentions, lists, favorites, etc. Select one option and click on Create Feed.

Generate Embed Code On Your Website

#Step-6: Now that your social wall is created with Twitter content, you can customize its presentation. Some tools offer a lot of options, while some offer limited options. See what customization you can do with your tool and use them. The most common things you can do are use the themes, backgrounds, change the font style. Some tools also offer you advanced features like adding a ticker, amazing themes, etc.

#Step-7: Once done with the customization, come to the moderation panel. Twitter is flooded with content, and when you create a social wall using the aggregator tool, it will be filled with tweets. But the moderation feature gives you the option to edit and filter the tweets. So you can display premium quality content on your website.

In the moderation panel, remove or hide the tweets you dislike. Highlight or pin the tweets you like the most. You can also use the filter to ensure only selected content is displayed on your Twitter widget.

#Step-8: Once you are done moderating the content, preview and publish the Twitter widget.

#Step-9: The tool will give you the options to select your website CMS. Pick the website building platform you use and move forward. 

#Step-10: Arrange the size of the Twitter widget.

#Step-11: So Now generate the embed code and copy it on the clipboard or a notepad.

#Step-12: Open your website building platform. Then come to the website editor. Paste the Twitter widget embed code you have copied earlier. 

#Step-13: Save the changes, and voila, your Twitter widget will be added to the website.

Method 2 Using Twitter Publish

Twitter Publish is the official feature given by Twitter to embed widgets on the website. Here is how you can use it.

  1. Find the tweet or thread you want to embed and copy its URL.
  2. Open publish twitter website on your browser.
  3. Enter the copied URL.
  4. Customize the size of the Twitter widget.
  5. Create the embed code and copy it.
  6. Go to your website editor and paste the embed code. 
  7. Save the changes, and the tweets will be added to your website.
  8. Repeat the process for every tweet you want to embed on your website.

So, this was the complete process of adding a Twitter widget to your website. Now let’s explore all the benefits you will get by embedding a Twitter widget to your website.

Benefits of Embedding Twitter Widget

Here are some of the main benefits you will achieve by adding a Twitter widget to your website.

  1. Enhance the website’s appearance with unique content like Twitter feeds.
  2. Keep your website visitors hooked with engaging content. It will also decrease your website bounce rate, sending good signals to the search engines.
  3. Keep the website content fresh with new tweets and updates from Twitter.
  4. Show off celebrity engagement with your content on Twitter by embedding the threads on the website.
  5. Showcase your Twitter interactions with your customers on your website. It is the best way to give social proof to your potential customers and win their trust.

Final Thoughts

Embedding Twitter Widget to your website will open the goldmine of opportunities and benefits for you. However, out of the two methods to embed the Twitter widget, we suggest that you use the first. Because using a social media aggregator tool is beneficial compared to embedding the tweets manually. With the aggregator tool, you get options to customize, moderate, and auto-update the Twitter widget. These options are worth it and will help you in the long term. 

So select the right tool to embed Twitter widget and get ready to see your website performance and ROI skyrocketing. 

Daisy Smith

I’m Daisy and I’m a digital marketer & technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, social media platforms (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Review Widget and etc.), and digital marketing trends.

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