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Computers and Technology

How to fix issue of MacBook Pro not Charging?

There are high likely reasons you are reading because you might be facing a charging issue with your MacBook Pro or just got a new MacBook and wanted to understand what to do in such a scenario well in both cases this information with basic troubleshooting before you visit an Apple repair center or MacBook Pro repair near me for diagnose. This information is for basic troubleshooting and applicable for only 2012 nonretina Macs. Hence if your MacBook is different you can read this article but the instructions and parts on your MacBook Pro will be different. Here we will also share with you how you can get the MacBook Pro battery replaced on the MD101 model which is A1278 (The year 2012). We suggest you read the whole article before you process with any troubleshooting as it will give you a clear picture what you are about to do.

Scenario 1:

Let’s consider your MacBook turns on but as soon you disconnect the power cord its turns off. In this situation, there are high likely chances that there can be a possible issue with the MacBook battery or logic board. To diagnose this you can go to about this Mac—> then click on system report —> then click on power section there you will find “Battery Cycle Count” & “Battery Condition” If you see the battery cycle count is more than 900 you can consider that the battery has become weak and may not function to its optimal level and under the Battery Condition if you see “Service Now”, “Replace Now” or “Replace Soon ” then there are high chances that battery has become weak to hold power hence shuts down after few mins once you unplug the power or do not take any further charge. In all cases, you will need a MacBook battery replacement.

Scenario 2:

In case the battery cycle count & battery condition is good in that case there are high likely chances that there can be a possible issue with the MacBook logic board. To Diagnose we also recommend you to try with any alternate charger (The chances of a faulty charger are less but still it’s a good idea to eliminate all the possibilities).

Turn off your Mac. When you turn on press and hold the D key on the keyboard. This will make your MacBook boot in diagnose mode. Where you can follow the steps on screen such as connect to the internet and allow the Mac to self-diagnose. While doing this make sure your charger is connected as it will also check if there is an issue with the charger.

If you see any error code you can Google that code to understand the issue. If you do not get any error code you can open the back panel of the MacBook. To open you will few tools such as screwdriver + type and gloves. Make sure before opening turn off your Mac and disconnect the power cord. Once you open the back panel you can detach battery pack. It looks like a big black rectangle below the trackpad. On the right side of the battery you will find a connector which you can pull upward and disconnect the battery. Keep it disconnected for 1 min so that all the power from the circuit can discharge. Later connect it back and pack the back panel. Once you pack the back panel tries to turn it on and check if the issue still persists.


If the issue is still not resolved you can try SMC reset, This is 100% safe and there is no harm to process with SMC reset you can turn off the Mac and connect the charger once the charger turns green press and hold ALT & CMD key and press power button one time which you will notice with a successfully SMC reset the led light on the charger turn green and back to orange. To Process with PRAM, you can turn off the MacBook. Once you turn it on press ALT, CMD, P, R keys on the keyboard. If all these fail we recommend you to check if any apple repair center can do onsite troubleshooting to diagnose the issue.

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