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How To Keep Your Air Conditioning Units Clean And Efficient

By maintaining the clean ducts of your air conditioning unit, you can save plenty of money on your utility bills. It is an undeniable fact that air conditioning ducts can accumulate pathogens and allergens over time. Failing to do regular cleaning can lead to bad performance and reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Also, it increases the consumption of energy, leading to high utility bills.

Luckily, there are some simple tips and tricks that will help you to keep your air conditioning ducts clean. Read the following tips and tricks to keep your ducted air conditioning units clean:  

Replace Or Clean Air Filters

Filters in the air conditioning unit can help in trapping dirt, dust, and microbes. With the passage of time, filters get clogged up. The plugged filter does not help in cleaning the air and they start spreading dirt and harmful microbes in the air. In addition to this, the plugged filter makes the conditioner work harder. Do you know the fact that a clean filter can help in reducing energy consumption by approximately 5 to 15 %? The clogged filter acts as an obstruction in the airflow leading to the reduced efficiency of the air conditioning unit.

It is recommended that you should clean or replace the filters of the air conditioning unit once a month. In case, you have pets or you have a dusty ambiance, then you may need to replace the filters quite often. The process of replacing and cleaning the filter is quite easy. If you are not sure, then you can take the help of a licensed technician such as air conditioning Sydney contractors.

Clean Condenser unit

You should keep the area around the condenser unit clean and allow free airflow. It helps in preventing the air conditioner coils from getting dirty. The condenser unit is an essential part of the air conditioning system and it sits outside the house. Dead leaves, dust, grass, and floating seed can accumulate inside the condenser units. 

They block the airflow in the air conditioning unit. Also, reduces their ability to cool down the air. Just like air filter cleaning, it is quite simple and easy to clean the condenser unit. You should remove the debris and dirt around the air conditioning unit. Also, trim the foliage and plants which are growing around the condenser.

Clean Coils And Fins

The condenser units have evaporator and condenser coils that also collect dust over time. It obstructs the airflow and reduces the ability of the coil to absorb heat. It will make your air conditioner significantly warm and reduce its efficiency. You should always keep in mind that it is important to disconnect the condenser unit before you start cleaning it.

It is important to vacuum clean the evaporator and condenser unit with the help of a soft brush accessory. It is recommended that you should be gentle while cleaning the fins. The process of cleaning coils and fins is a little difficult. Thus, it is a good idea to leave this task to the professionals.

Check Condensate Drain

The condensate drain is located inside the air conditioning unit. The blocked condensate drains lead to reducing the humidity level. Ultimately, excessive moisture is accumulated and it leads to musty odors inside the home.

We recommend you occasionally pass the stiff wire through drainage channels. It will reduce the probability of blockage. If you want to properly clean the condenser unit, then we recommend you read the panel before starting the process. The process of cleaning the condensate drain is a little bit difficult. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the air conditioner’s condensate drain. 

If you are not feeling confident while cleaning the condensate drain. Hire professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney professionals to avoid any trouble during the condensate drain cleaning process.

Check Return Air Vents

You should determine the return ducts around your home and do a periodic check-up. It is also important to make sure that nothing is covered then. Make sure that nothing is blocking the airflow. Some common obstacles are paper, toys, and furniture. You should remove the cover to properly clean the return air vents. 

This cleaning process is quite easy and you can do it by yourself.

Final Words

During the spring cleaning of your house, you should properly clean the ducts. Also, you should regularly check the air conditioners to determine whether it needs repair or not. We recommend you to call professionals at least once a year for the service and maintenance of your air conditioning system. Make sure you call only licensed professionals only to get top-notch services. You should check the above-mentioned points and implement them to maintain the high efficiency of your AC.

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