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How to Migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

Google Workspace was formally known as Google Apps, and now it is also known as G Suite. It includes software and products developed by Google, including Gmail, Calendars, Contacts, Meet, etc. However, now users want to migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 mainly due to price and features. Moreover, there are many benefits to migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365, but most users want a secure data environment, which is why organisations go for Microsoft 365. Due to its advanced security features, users are moving towards Microsoft Office 365. In case you are willing to perform the migration task here, you will get all the required information and methods for performing the task.

Benefits of moving Towards Microsoft 365-:

As Microsoft is a renowned name, users move towards Microsoft 365. It includes many benefits, so it is getting popular and in demand nowadays. The reasons for executing the G Suite to Office 365 migration task are as below-:

  • Familiarity with products– famous cloud-based tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint have existed earlier. This means users are more comfortable with these products because they are used to the features and UI of the products. Hence, it becomes more convenient for users to opt for Microsoft 365.
  • Microsoft is flexible– with Microsoft, users can work universally without any difficulty as it allows them to access data from anywhere, at any time and with any device. Hence, it is universally accessible.
  • Automatic updates– users no longer need to be concerned about the updates, as Microsoft takes care of them by automatically updating all the files and taking care of the infrastructure.
  • Better pricing- Microsoft Office 365 is cost-efficient compared to G Suite; hence, users migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.
  • Online Conference- in this time, most of the users want to connect online as it is much more convenient. Hence, Microsoft Office 365 provides perfect tools to connect online through Video Calls, Take Notes, and Screen Share etc.

Methods to migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365-:

There are two ways to execute the G Suite to Office 365 migration task: the oldest method, called the manual method, and the professional method. You can choose either one of them to migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. Both methods are different from each other. However, the manual method includes many limitations; hence, it is not considered much.

Limitations of the manual method are as follows-:

  1. It is a complicated and challenging method to migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.
  2. Consider the fact that if you are not an expert in the technical field, you can lose your data.
  3. The manual method consumes a lot of time and includes extra effort.
  4. There is no guarantee that your integrity of data is safe or not. Most data is at risk; hence, users execute G Suite to Office 365 migration task with professional method.
  5. There are many chances of human error.
  6. As the manual method is the oldest method, there are no updates or no guarantees of a perfect and smooth migration.

The professional way to perform the migration task-:

The most opted method, which is straightforward, is to use a professional tool, and the excellent professional tool you can use is Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool. The tool has features that help to migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 smoothly, and with the advanced features, it enhances business growth.

Features of the software are as below-:

  1. The Graphic user interface of the Shoviv software is user-friendly, which means besides technical experts, non-technical users can migrate from G Suite to Office 365 without any difficulty.
  2. The software guarantees that there is no alteration in the original data, and the hierarchy of folders remains the same. Therefore, executing the G Suite to Office 365 migration task with a professional tool is better.
  3. You can add and migrate multiple G Suite mailboxes without any size restriction.
  4. To filter out the data, users can use the Filter option, which helps to eliminate unwanted data and include the desired data.
  5. If you do not want to restart the task from the start, the software provides an Incremental export facility that helps to resume the task from the last ended point and prevent data from duplicity.
  6. Users can schedule the migration process by daily, weekly and monthly options, and the software automatically schedules the migration task.
  7. The software allows migrating G suite mailboxes to On-premises Exchange Server.
  8. The software sets a failed item count as 100; if the limit exceeds, the software stops the task automatically.
  9. Users have the option to create and run multiple jobs simultaneously.

Wrap up-:

Lastly, after all the discussion, the result is that the manual method has limitations and chances of data loss, which is why users prefer to opt for a professional tool to migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. The manual method is not suitable and most likely not used because of all the disadvantages it includes. The Shoviv software enhances business growth, and users can try the free Demo version of the software before buying the tool. You can contact to support team of Shoviv if you have any queries.

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