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How to Use Propeller Ads for WordPress?

WordPress is the most accessible site you can use to build your website. The best part is that WordPress will offer you drag and drop plugins to transform your website into what you want. Propeller ads on WordPress help you monetize the site. However, you need to follow the right steps to get your payment. Here, you will learn all the steps you need to take to launch the propeller ads. 

What is a Propeller Ad?

WordPress partners with several internet companies to give you the best services to advertise and monetize your website. Propeller ads are internet companies that have a partnership with WordPress. They offer you a plugin that helps you monetize your WordPress website. There are a few steps you need to follow. They are easy. However, it would help get them all right to get your money from your traffic, clicks, and selling products. 

Founders of propeller ads aimed to bridge the gap between publishers and advertisers. Writers with the urge to earn through Ads join as publishers- On the other hand, people who display their ads join as advertisers. 

From a brief survey conducted a while back, we found that bloggers reap some good income when using propeller ads. You can also join them and earn your passive income. 

Propeller ads are multichannel advertising tools that you can view on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. The network has over 5000 running ads on over 5000 publisher accounts. The ads’ impressions are usually around 700 million every day.

If you want to experience the real market value of a publisher or an advertiser, you should try propeller ads. They have an attractive CPC. However, you need to have high and stable traffic to enjoy the payments. That is a rule in all ads networks over the internet. Pop-under is the most popular ad type in the propeller ads network.

Propeller Ads Sign Up

You can register as a publisher from their official website if you have a blog. The sign-up process is straightforward. Once you finish, you will get an email to confirm verification, step on ad affiliate. After confirmation, you should add your website to the network. 

You will see an “Add Site’ button on the propeller ads account you created. Click the button and write your website address on the conversation box. Hit the ass site button at the bottom of the box. And just like that, you have to address your website to the network.

You will need to verify that you own the website. Thus, the propeller ad will give you a code. Copy it and paste it on your website between the head tags. Alternatively, you can upload a doc file to your website roots. It will help you verify the format. 

Before you click the verify button, you should send the code to your WordPress editor. You will get the editor at the WordPress dashboard. At the editor, you will find a header.php file. That’s where you will paste the code. You can edit the header.php file under any theme you are using. 

The first verification step ends after pasting the code you copied from propeller add verification. After you are done with updating the file, go back to the propeller ads network and click verify. The site will then redirect you to the page where you view all your websites.

Go to the dashboard and confirm your website status. If the site is under review, you should check whether you followed all the steps. 

Once you are verified, you will get a confirmation email. Besides that, you will see a yellow mark on the site. Now, you can display your ads on the site. 

Pop-up types of ads are the most common under the propeller ad network. They fetch the publishers the highest amount of revenue. However, other types of ads exist, such as push notification ads, native direct ads, dialogue ads, push-up ads, and interstitial cellular ads.  

You should select the type of ads for users based on your website type. 

How to Set Up Propeller Ads on WordPress

The steps to set up propeller ads on WordPress are different from the steps from other websites. First, you need to join the propeller ads network as a publisher. Then, you should log in to the dashboard, add your site, and verify the site ownership.

After that, select the type of ads you would like to use. Then, add the location of the ad to your site. Once you submit, you should wait for the propeller network to activate your site. Once active, you can populate your ads after it is active.

The propeller ads will give you several payment options. They include PayPal, Payoneer, ePayments, Skrill, WebMoney, and bank wire. All of them have different minimum amounts that you can withdraw.


The methods to set up propeller advertisements on WordPress include a simple trick: before you validate, add the code from the propeller website to your WordPress account. That easy step can cause your website to go inactive. WordPress collaborates with a number of online organizations to provide you with the best services for advertising and monetizing your website. Propeller advertisements are internet companies that work with WordPress.

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