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Implant Supported Dentures – Never Need Denture Adhesive Again

You may know me as a supporter of zinc-free denture adhesives, but what if I told you that you could eliminate denture adhesives altogether? This may sound like a fantasy, but I assure you there is a way, and it is rapidly growing in popularity: implant-supported dentures.

What are implant-supported dentures?

If you are not familiar with the growing field of implant dentistry, you may not have heard of this new technology. Simply put, the dentist places metal implants in the bony structure of the mouth. The dentures are then made or modified to have holes or indentations that correspond to where these implants protrude from the jawbone or upper palate. The implants then fit hand in hand into the indentations of the dentures, and voila! Sneeze-resistant prosthesis adjustment. Implants can also significantly improve the safety of ill-fitting partial dentures.

This sounds painful…

Also, be honest with yourself; Is your ill-fitting denture causing no pain? The overwhelming response from people who have opted for implant-supported dentures is that they would gladly accept the short-term pain of recovering from implant surgery rather than the constant, lingering pain of slipping, sliding, and wearing down the inside of their teeth. mouth. every day.

Am I eligible for implant-supported dentures?

Only a dentist trained in implants can provide this.  Older adults must have sufficient bone structure to anchor the implants.  These techniques include bone graft surgery, synthetic bone grafts, or even bovine (cow) bone grafts. That’s why it’s so important to see a dentist trained in implants; as only he or she is qualified to guide you in choosing from these additional options to support the implants.

Are there other considerations?

Recovery time is the other important consideration when choosing implant supported dentures. Other patients require two to four months of recovery time between implant surgery and when they start wearing their dentures.

How much is it?

If you have good dental insurance, it can cover at least part of the costs;  Many dentists who offer implant-supported dentures also offer financing options to give their patients the best possible quality of life.

These are in fact dentures that are held in the mouth with the help of implants. If you’ve ever had crowns in your mouth, you may have had dental implants before. These support the dentures and prevent them from falling out. You will most likely need this procedure if you no longer have teeth in your mouth or if the teeth in your mouth are not strong enough to wear normal dentures. While the procedure may sound painful, having implant-supported dentures in your mouth is painless and is an excellent alternative if your mouth is not strong enough to support traditional types of teeth.

Cleaning implant-supported dentures are no more difficult and you can still easily remove them every day. You should remove them at least once a day to thoroughly clean them. If you don’t want to constantly have your teeth extracted, you can ask your dentist if your gums are strong enough to wear crowns.

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