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Is Now a Good Time to Buy Condos?

Considering that the whole world is dealing with the pandemic caused by COVID-19, a lot of people wonder if now is a good time to start putting your money on new investment ventures such as condos. And the right answer with every investment-related question is always: NOW. But it is completely understandable, given the current state of the economy, that maybe saving your money instead of putting it in investments might be the smarter move.

Condo in Camella
Condo in Camella

However, the search for real estate is almost never going to slow down. A lot of developers and industry experts have capitalized on this and started to offer more flexible payment schemes and promotions like 0% interest, an offer that most people might not be able to resist, most especially if they realize how much money they can save if they take advantage of rare deals.

Here are some factors to consider if you are still unsure of investing in a condo at this time.

Discounted payables

It will be a while until people will start to loosen up with regards to putting their money in investments. Most real estate companies at the moment are experiencing that buyers are being conservative. To counteract it, these companies have been offering promotions to close deals despite the market’s aversion to investing and moving onto saving.

At this rate, condo prices will be steady in the near future due to the impact the pandemic has brought to the economy.

Therefore, looking for exclusive deals now can save you a lot of money and make sure you get the best value for taking the risk in investing despite the COVID-19 situation.

Risk stability versus other investments

If you have been keeping up with the trends of other investment opportunities, you will notice that real estate will provide you with a better peace of mind in terms of the money you are putting in and the risk it entails. For instance, the stock market has experienced decreases in their market values in the past few months. This might not be the trend in the coming months, but real estate is hardly phased by it.

A lot of small businesses have closed down during the pandemic. Business ventures have had one rollercoaster of a ride with our current economy and the new normal policies. Your investment portfolio will not be affected as much if it you have invested in properties and real estate.

Passive income generation

If one thing is true about investing in real estate it is that you can enjoy continuous appreciation in your assets. This creates income passively, especially if you rent out your property. Over time, you will enjoy an accumulated increase in your initial investment, especially if you managed to close a deal during its pre-selling phase.

It might be to your advantage to start and invest in your very own condo now.  Be financially ready when taking up an investment. Study the trends first, know your best location and grab the best deals to make sure you are going to make the best decision for your future.

Condo for sale in Philippines
Condo for sale in Philippines

Check out which properties will best suit your needs and lifestyle dreams and learn how you can invest now!

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