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Is there any tool available for extract leads from LinkedIn Sale Navigator?

What exactly is LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how does it use it?

Social selling has revolutionized the sales environment, making it easier than ever to engage with prospects and discover them naturally. LinkedIn has long been a popular and successful location to locate and educate new clients since it is a typical social platform for professional networking and connections. Sale Navigator

Retailers now have even more methods to discover prospects and manage their channels with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Here’s all you need to know about LinkedIn Sales Navigator to evaluate if it’s right for you.

There are free and premium versions of LinkedIn. Premium licenses are available for purchase by recruiters, job seekers, professionals, and even sales representatives. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium LinkedIn sales solution.

It’s a sales management tool that aims to assist salespeople to make better use of LinkedIn’s huge network and, as a result, complete more (and better) transactions.

The Most Beneficial Features

Sales Navigator comes with a slew of useful premium features. Here are some of the most effective ones for each plan:

The core

With a Core subscription, participants have access to:

50 InMail messages per month

10,000 saved leads

Advanced search for leads and companies

Custom Lists

Lead and account notifications

Notes and tags


The advanced plan includes everything that is part of the master plan plus a few other key features:

Team Link and Team Link Extend

Teamwork tools

Integrated profile integration

Smart shortcuts

Advanced Plus

The Advanced Plus plan offers the best features of the Core and Advanced plans, plus:

CRM integration

Data verification

Return on investment

Sale Navigator
Sales Leads

The Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The extensive premium features and selling resources available in Sales Navigator come with several significant benefits. You’ll gain even more benefits as you learn to utilize Sales Navigator more successfully, including higher efficiency and improved sales performance all across the world. Sale Navigator

In Excel, extract data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator listings.

LinkedIn is a great place to find free and fresh sales and business leads. It was ranked 7th out of the top 100 online business directories. LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most up-to-date business directory, including owners, CEOs, and other decision-makers from every sector, location, and organization. With this post, you’ll discover how to use LinkedIn and export a list of LinkedIn sales navigators to Excel in one click.

Why should you export LinkedIn Sales Navigator contacts?

Your prospect’s contact information, including name, firm, fax number, website URL, and other important information, is available on LinkedIn. You may limit your LinkedIn search by zip code to identify company owners in the locations where you sell. Any changes in business or employment positions are updated by decision-makers since all LinkedIn profiles are managed by their owners. As a result, LinkedIn profiles are constantly updated.

LinkedIn can help you locate qualified leads by searching by name, company, industry, group, and other criteria. You can make lists like contact lists, email lists, lead lists, cold call lists, goal target lists, and so on once you’ve found them. When exporting leads to an Excel spreadsheet, these lists are valuable for sales and marketing professionals. They find it simple to keep track of and manage the list. You’ll need to export a list of LinkedIn sales navigators to Excel because of this. Sale Navigator

How can I obtain the LinkedIn Sales Navigator list in Excel and export it?

You can use LinkedIn search filters to find your prospects, e.g. B. In your expertise, look for business owners or decision-makers. If you’re using the premium version of LinkedIn, also known as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can further segment your list based on details like company size, revenue, number of employees, and more.

You may start reaching out to decision-makers once you’ve located them in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. But first, you must export the LinkedIn sales navigators list to Excel. Copies of the name, company, job title, and other contact information must be copied into a CRM, PC, desktop, or spreadsheet. To be effective, manually exporting a list of LinkedIn sales navigators requires a lot of time and work.

If your search returns 200 contacts, for example, you’ll need to manually export those contacts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Excel or another CRM. Each contact field must be manually copied and pasted into an Excel or CRM file. Exporting LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Excel is a time-consuming and error-prone process that may be highly costly. An automated lead collection tool, such as LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor, may help you quickly export leads from LinkedIn and other online directories.

Create high quality leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor

LinkedIn has a large number of profiles and you can get potential customer information such as name, email ids, social media ids, and other information. And you can’t get data from LinkedIn manually. However, you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor to get quality data from leads using LinkedIn. This will definitely help you build a bigger lead database and generate better leads with LinkedIn. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor can retrieve target customer data according to your needs.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator can retrieve prospect data such as names, business types and titles, email IDs, valid phone addresses, social IDs (Yahoo Messenger ID, Skype ID, Google Talk ID, etc.), as well as additional contact details LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool that helps you sell more on LinkedIn. Yes, you can create your leads database by extracting these leads data into .xlsx, .csv (opens in Excel) .txt files.

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