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[Latest Version] Best 05 Epub Readers For Windows, How To Read

Epub readers for Windows: Software allows you to view ebooks in EPUB format. The software interface consists of two parts. The left side will display the document chapter, and the right will allow you to browse the content. This is a list of the top ePUB viewers and links to their most downloaded features for Android and Windows 10.

Top 10

Epub Readers For Windows 

In simple words, a PC Epub Reader is a program that can open and process ebooks (digital copies of physical books). It’sIt’s a file format that is similar to PDF but XML-based. This allows it to be used with multiple programs on different platforms. Epub readers will enable you to read digital books on your computer, smartphone or another electronic device.

01 Calibre

Calibre, an open-source ebook reader and manager, is easy to use. This ePub reader Windows 10 can be adjusted for font size, margins and metadata. You can also add an auto-generated Table. This ePUB Reader for Windows is the best and will help you save time in managing your ebooks.


  • Highly comprehensive ebook viewer
  • Download news/magazines from the internet
  • An ePub Reader is a computer-based tool that lets you quickly share and back up your library.
  • Edit your books
  • All your ebook needs will be met

Supported Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, macOS, Linux, Android

02 Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is the best ebook program. The Kindle app was created for book lovers. You can access millions of eBooks, including English-language textbooks and comics.


  • You can read it once and then repurchase it.
  • Search the entire book to locate a topic or character that interests you.
  • You can change the background colour and font size of this eBook reader Window.
  • You can highlight, take notes and add bookmarks in ePUB viewer.
  • Amazon’sAmazon’s kindle app lets you read the first chapter free of charge before you purchase it.

Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows 8.1 are supported platforms.

03 Freda

Freda software allows you to read electronic books. It is a universal ebook reader that can be used on tablet and desktop computers. It is an excellent ePUB reader and works on all Android devices, including tablets running Jellybean or Kitkat.


  • This ePUB reader PC allows you to make annotations or bookmarks.
  • Integration with online catalogues – Feedbooks, Smashwords and Gutenberg.
  • You can connect this application to DropBox and OneDrive accounts to get books downloaded.
  • Links to Calibre’sCalibre’s book library
  • This ePub reader Window synchronizes your reading experiences across all devices
  • This section contains dyslexia-friendly settings to help Dyslexics read.

Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows 8.1 are support platforms.

04 Icecream EPUB reader

Icecream Ebook Reader is easy to use. The Icecream Ebook Reader is easy to use. You can keep track of your reading progress, add bookmarks and translate text. You can also read ebooks in MOBI and EPUB formats.


  • This will allow you to see the pages you’ve you’ve left and where you are going.
  • Copy your ebook collection from one Windows computer to another.
  • This will enable you to search for books based on their author or title
  • This tool will enable you to navigate pages faster by using the navigation scrollbar.
  • Copy and translate eBook text using Google search results

Windows 10 and 8 are support, as well as Windows Vista and Windows 7 PC.

05 Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions eReader can be used easily. Digital content can be downloaded and purchased. The tool allows you to read this content online and offline—search keywords within all chapters of your eBook.


  • eBooks can be borrowed from many libraries for use with Digital Editions
  • This tool can help you manage and organize your digital publications using Adobe Digital Editions
  • eBooks can be accessed across multiple file-formats using the read. This includes EPUB, EPUB3, and PDF.

Windows 10 and Windows 8 are support platforms.

06 Kindle Paperwhite: Epub Readers For Windows

The Kindle paperwhite makes reading magazines, comics, and audiobooks easy. You can pair Bluetooth headphones with speakers or headphones to hear your story.


  • It offers a clear display for readers
  • 8GB storage
  • Get instant access to bestsellers and new releases.
  • It only uses one battery
  • This unit has adjustable lights.
  • Provides free audiobooks.
  • The EPUB reader is available in many colours.

Supported Platforms: Cloud

07 Epubor Reader: 

Epubor Reader software lets you read ebooks on Windows and Mac. You can change the background colour and font size.


  • Bookmark pages.
  • This tool lets you toggle between vertical and horizontal reading modes.
  • Using the table of contents, you can jump to any chapter in the ebook.
  • Formats supported: MOBI, EPUB AZW3, AZW3, AZW3, TXT AZW., PRC, HTMLZ.

Windows 10 and Windows 8 are support. Windows 7 PC is also support.

08 Librera Reader

Librera Reader (a.k.a. Lirbi Reader, also known as PDF Reader, is a feature-rich program that can  easily customize.  Both PDF and EPUB formats can read in Ebooks.


  • It supports bookmarks, annotations, and an EPUB3 list of contents
  • Support cloud-based and online catalogues
  • Modular Night and Day modes
  • Vertical-scroll lock
  • Manual and Auto-Centered Documents
  • Input custom CSS code
  • Two-page document in single-page view
  • Musician’sMusician’s Mode with adjustable scrolling speed
  • Built-in media player and customizable TTS reader
  • Multi-word text search
  • Online document conversion

Supported Platforms: Android

09 Reader: Epub Readers For Windows

Reader lets you read ebooks offline in PDF and EPUB formats.


  • Use a pdf viewer to crop margins from pdf files
  • Save the page
  • You can save memory with the ePUB Reader.
  • You can read multiple books and documents at once with the ePUB opening.

Supported Platforms: Android

10 Sony Reader For PC

Sony Reader for Windows, a freeware program, falls under eBooks software. It’sIt’s a powerful ePUB reader which allows you to access various eBooks, Newspapers and Magazines through Reader Store.


  • This eBook reader PC lets you sync your Reader Store content across all your computers, Macs and Android devices.
  • The eBook Reader on PC syncs to the Sony cloud
  • Jump To Specific Pages
  • View single-page or double-page
  • Tab view allows you to view magazines or newspapers.

Windows 10 and Windows 8 are supports. Windows 7 PC is also support.

How To Open Epub Readers For Windows?

It works the same way as opening PDF files to open Epub documents under Windows 11/10. The Edge Browser, based upon Chrome, can’tcan’t open Epub files. However, the Edge Browser’s older Edge browser could. An app is required to open Epub files. Also, see Picuki

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