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Mandala Mehndi Design for Legs | Simple Mehndi Design

Mandala Simple Mehndi Design is one of the ancient mehndi designs of Subcontinent India. Which is the most popular pattern used by women at several festivals. Mandala designs are mostly considered traditional which are made with circles and sometimes half of the circles. These decorative circles look trendy and beautiful and gave an amazing and eye-catching view.

What is Mandala?

A mandala is an art form, basically, it is a Sanskrit word that means circle. Most mandalas are made from one central point and given different shapes and flowers by the focus on that point. Although it is the most familiar art which is used in different ways the most popular method of the mandala is that it is used on hand, feet, and legs by henna.

In ancient times mehndi was used to cool down body temperature in several diseases but nowadays it is the best source of decorating hands, feet, legs, and even full body. There are many famous designs are made of henna but the most suitable design is Mandala. These ring-shaped motifs are acceptable for almost all events. If we talk about bridal mehndi designs mandala designs are popularly common in bridal who not only decorate their hands to this pattern but legs as well.

Bridals look more stunning by using this round-shaped pattern on their legs. Most of the mandala designs are based on geometrical, ancient wheels, and different types of symbols. These circles decorate with mixed natural elements like flowers and leaves.

Elegant mandala mehndi design for feet

There are many different styles are made on each hand which gives an elegant look to every woman. These circle patterns of designs are fit for everyone in every festival if there is an elderly woman or a young girl. They can make their event more exciting. In these types of functions, every girl or lady wants not only to look gorgeous but also she wants her mehndi design on hands, feet, and even legs to look elegant.

Easy to draw

Mandala shapes are easy to draw. In childhood when a young girl desires to make her hand, feet, and legs more beautiful with henna, she starts to draw mandala shapes because these forms of style are easy to apply for her. These motifs are ideal for little girls who love to draw Mehndi on every occasion. These simple and cute ring-shaped formats are the most appealing objects and are easy to draw for everyone. Most ladies also do experiment with colors to make the Mehndi look more impressive.

Dots and Lines

To make the structure more amazing and sophisticated many dots and lines are used. These lines and dots give a stunning look to the design which grabs the attention of everyone. Mandala is considered a traditional design that our mothers and grandmothers use in their wedding parties in every era.

Half Mandala henna designs

Most of the ladies love to draw a half mandala on their legs these half mandala also give a remarkable and incredible look. The concept of half mandala mostly comes from the crescent moon. This crescent is also decorated with dots, lines, and leaves to enhance its beauty.

Although there are many designs of henna that are in trend these designs always seem incomplete without mandala if they apply half on feet, hands, and legs or full. These mandalas are popular in every era and are considered the basic form of henna style.

There are many henna parties held in the Subcontinent India and many astonishing designs are represented in these parties but the mandala mehndi designs never lose their importance.

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