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N95 masks for children: Points to keep in mind

Challenging times require us to make challenging decisions. And the past two years have undoubtedly been challenging to say the least. Even as a greater percentage of the population is getting vaccinated more than ever before, masks are still one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of coronavirus. They not only ensure our own safety but the safety of the ones we love, most importantly our children. And here’s everything you need to know about Covid masks for kids!

How effective are N95 masks for children? 

N95 masks undeniably provide better protection than plain cloth masks and surgical masks for their superior built-in quality, which facilitates less filter penetration of virus particles. They have some of the best filtration efficiency, capturing over 95% of particles.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises anyone above the age of 2 to wear a mask at indoor public gatherings—whether or not they have been vaccinated— especially in areas where transmission rates are high. But it should be noted that for children below the age of 2, wearing masks should not be mandatory since they are at a greater risk of suffocation due to their inherently hyperactive nature and due to the very fact that they might not be able to remove a face covering on their own.

Here’s what to look for while buying COVID-19 masks for kids

With endless varieties of masks in the market, it becomes tiresome and almost frustrating to choose the best ones for your kids. Some of the things to look for while buying masks include:

  • The mask should comfortably cover both the nose and the mouth, with no gaps on the sides or any form of leakage.
  • They should be comfortable to wear and breathable. Choose those Covid masks for kids that offer low inhalation and exhalation resistance.
  • The reusable and washable variety is always preferable. They are much more economical and provide better sustainability. Ensure that they are reusable with life up to 30 washes or four months.
  • Choose a mask with high Viral Filtration Efficiency and Particulate Filtration Efficiency. This will not only provide adequate protection against the virus but act as the best pollution mask too!

Here’s how to convince your kids to wear masks

  • Try to have interactive sessions with the little ones and explain to them why masks are important, in plain terms.
  • Try to keep things as simple as possible. Perhaps put a mask on your kid’s favorite stuffed toy and explain how the toy might become sick if it doesn’t wear the mask.
  • Children always enjoy flamboyant and colorful masks. It’s even better if they get their favorite cartoons and superheroes on them! Get your kid the most exciting masks with Disney, Marvel, Barbie, and Marvel designs!

The Bottom Line

Wearing a mask serves as one of the most effective forms of protection against SARS‑CoV‑2 infection and transmission, alongside vaccination, physical distancing, and hand washing. Go get the best pollution mask and Covid-19 mask for your little ones immediately!

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