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Orbi Blinking White | Methods For Resolving This Issue

The Orbi routers are among the best options if you are looking to enjoy the internet in any corner of the house. You might notice theWi-Fi device working fine, the users are going to find the issues among them. 

Among them, the most common issue that you can face is the Orbi Blinking White. This is the issue that is going to hamper the internet connection. If you are also facing this issue, then let us discuss whether you will be able to fix it. 

Reasons For the Orbi Blinking White Issues:

There are many reasons that can make the Orbi Blinking white. Every light on the Orbi device will convey to you a kind of message. For instance, if you are witnessing a red light. Then it means that the device is not getting the power supply.

If the device is showing you the green light, then you can know that you are connected to a seamless internet connection. Let us now find out whether why are you getting the Orbi Blinking White error. 

When the Orbi is showing you the white light, then it means that it is in the booting process. You might get the Orbi blinking white error when you are either updating the firmware on the device or might have been resetting the device to the default settings. 

Well, whatever the case may be, you can easily resolve all the issues by following the steps that are given below

Troubleshooting the Steps to Fix the Orbi Blinking White Error:

If you are not able to access the internet using the Orbi due to the Orbi blinking White issue, then do not panic. Ou can solve it and you do not have to ditch the device you are using. The issue can be tested and resolved by the steps that have been mentioned below. 

Power Cycle the Orbi Router:

If even after waiting for several minutes, your Orbi is not able to complete the boot process and is blinking white. Then you might have to reconsider, and power cycle the device by unplugging the power adapter from the power outlet. 

When it has been done, you need to plug the device back to the power socket and then turn it on to see if the problem has been fixed or not. 

Change The Power Socket:

If you see that the Orbi is not getting enough power supply. Then it is time that you try on this method.  Your Orbi is also going to take a longer order to boot properly. And it will result in the Orbi blinking white error. 

When you find yourself in such a situation, you can change the power socket of the Orbi. This thing is going to make your Orbi up and running and then you will be able to surf or use the web any way that you want.  

Restart the Modem Access or the Access Point:

The Orbi blinking white light is an issue that can be fixed by rebooting the modem or any access point. What you need to do is to remove the cable that is connected with the modem to the Orbi router with the help of the power cable. After that, you need to wait for at least a minute as your modem is cooling down.

After that, power up the device again by plugging the power cord in the electrical socket and then connecting the ethernet cable from the modem to the Orbi router. After that, you need to check if the Orbi blinking White issue has been resolved or not. 


There are times when the issue is still making you frustrated and you are not able to find a solution. Then you can rest your Orbi to the factory default. We hope that you are now finally able to resolve the issue. 

If not, then get in touch with the Orbi Helpline. They will provide you with the best solutions! For more information, visit our website: Articledaisy

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