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Philippines: Best Cities to Invest Condominiums

In this time of Pandemic, people have constantly been questioning if it’s already the best time to invest in condominiums. Based on the context in various cities, the Government has already been rolling out vaccination programs, which means that the Pandemic restriction might come to an end. Hence, managing your money is vital in this challenging time. And by making sound financial decisions, you should know and note where the best cities are suitable for your investment.

As we all know, the Philippines is the best country to opt for when investing in real estate because of the progressing markup of the economy, build build build program of President Duterte, and ease of doing business ranking in South East Asia. You might want to consider these as well why there is an increase in demand for the real estate industry. Now that you have read why the country has been steadily at the top for real estate, it’s time for you to know what cities are best to consider for your investible funds.


There is no doubt why Davao City is the best for you to invest. Local and foreign investors have always been interested in what will happen next in Davao’s real estate industry. But we couldn’t ignore the city’s beauty. It has so much to offer, such as the convenience of location, top universities, a plethora of malls, the safest city in the country, tourist attractions, and more future developments to come as a result of the build build build program. Therefore, some companies have also expressed their interest in why it’s worth it to establish their businesses here. Especially when it comes to real estate, the company of Camella Manors is now at the top of the city’s real estate industry, for they have been providing suitable offers and promos of condominiums to clients.


This city is the most well-known tourist destination in the Philippines because it is one of the seven natural wonders (Daluyon, n.d). When visiting Palawan, Filipinos and foreigners are always present because of the beautiful nature it provides to the people. Moreover, we can insist that there are a lot of hotels present in this city, right? But do you know that there are also condominiums located here? Well, definitely, yes! Some of the top companies are already established in the city, which offers flexible deals to you, such as pre-selling and ready for occupancy units. But I highly encourage you to invest in a ready for occupancy unit so that you’ll have no time to wait for you to live in the city.


Caloocan City is known as the “Heart of the Philippines” by the locals (OFW Investment, 2021).). It’s accessible to different locations, like Davao City, where you can quickly go to various malls, enroll in universities, etc. This will suit you since condominiums are already established and ready for occupancy if you are from Luzon. Moreover, there are future and further developments of condominiums located in the city that are yet to appreciate. If I were you, grab the opportunity now of living in this beautiful city.


These are the top cities in the Philippines dominating the real estate industry scene. Most cities have also engaged with other companies for future developments which is why the country is progressively increasing the number of foreign investors who perhaps acquire a property in the future. I hope that this article helped you in your decision. And best of luck when you plan to invest a condominium soon!

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