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Read this Blog Post to Transform your Custom Pillow Boxes

The pillow shape boxes are capturing the attention of the customers massively. There are various ideas that you can utilize to transform your boxes.

You might be wondering how to select the best packaging for your brand to encase various products. If you really don’t know how to apply great ideas then read this blog post to know the actual custom pillow boxes ideas which you can actually implement.


We live in the world of colors. It is the colors that change our perception of looking the things. With the help of adding or subtracting the colors, you can create a difference in the packaging. Custom pillow packaging can look awesome if you embellish attractive colors on them.

You can choose any color whether black, pink, gold, pearl, metallic, etc. It entirely depends on your choice. For instance, if you are manufacturing luxurious boxes then choose the black color of the pillow and add the text within in gold color. However, this gold texture will look awesome and will make your boxes lift up instantly. It is the outer packaging that grabs the limelight. You cannot make your boxes rock without dressing them in good packaging.

Further, you can also choose pastel colors for the candy or chocolate pillow boxes. These sweet boxes look awesome with the pastel color dressing.

Floral Imprints and Patterns

The addition of the floral imprints is a great idea to have great sales. You can raise your brand by adding awesome floral imprints on the boxes. There are various packaging firms that are trying hard to offer you great boxes. You can hire the one to have eye-captivating boxes.

For instance, if you are creating the packaging for the jewelry, so, you can make a theme for it. How to create one? You can add some messages written within the box. Such as you can write on the front side of the pillow box “I am happy to see you too!” These kinds of quotations will look awestruck and appealing.

Every pattern you add to the box has a meaning. It conveys emotions and ideas. Choose a theme for this pattern and you can attain outstanding boxes. A simple shape that is being repeated over and over creates a uniform pattern. But this pattern can be boring for most people. So, utilize the pattern in a way that is not boring for anyone.

So, to break the boring feel you can create a combination of unique shapes with colors to make a cohesive feel.

Don’t miss to add the pattern on the upper flap of the pillow box. Thus, it will look unique and attractive too.

Wow Unboxing Experience

Focus on the unboxing experience. Firstly, if you are having the boxes placed on the shelves in dull packaging you cannot get the maximum limelight. So, try to have your boxes dressed in artistic graphics to obtain high sales. You can also add special quotations to the boxes to show the people that you offer a great opening box experience.

Like this, you can gain loyalty and satisfaction from your client the way you want. You can also utilize void fillers within the custom pillow boxes. Moreover, the selection of the kraft material packaging for your pillow boxes is a great idea. People will perceive that your brand cares about the environment and as a result, they will buy your boxes more.

Moreover, you can create pillow subscription boxes as well. The subscription boxes are considered an act of marketing. Therefore, you can do this marketing to have high sales.

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