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Right To Be Forgotten

Right To Be Forgotten

Right to be forgotten’ in the EU was formalized last year in order to promote Internet freedom and protect personal data privacy. After a rather long period of speculations, one company in Germany filed for such a request – and Twitter won it.

In May, a Munich court ruled that the online social media platform’s terms of service. That had originally prohibited it from deleting tweets in response to requests from users, should be dropped. The court, however, did not order Twitter to remove the offending content.

Constitutional Court

Twitter, which is the first company to win such a ruling in Germany, said it would appeal the decision to the Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, Reuters said. The decision was taken after Jan Philipp Albrecht, a Green Party MP and vice president of the German parliament.

Submitted a request on behalf of an anonymous German who wanted Twitter to remove a tweet that linked to a news story that the petitioner said was defamatory. The whole world knows your secrets. Germany judge tells Twitter.

Technically Obliged

Twitter allowed the original tweet to remain for over six months, although it made it impossible to track down the original author. Albrecht, who first raised the issue with Twitter, said the firm should be protected from legal threats since it is technically obliged to store user data and tweets.

While the case has not been evaluated by a higher court yet, the verdict of the Munich judge is likely to be a precedent for other cases of Internet users trying to suppress negative information about them, news portal cited legal experts as saying.

Offensive Posts

Both Twitter and Germany’s Justice Ministry are already working on a legislation that would set rules for how social media companies should handle requests for the deletion of offensive posts, while also giving the users the opportunity to contest the action in court.

In June, Twitter users were permitted to hide abusive. Right to be forgotten law have helped Google’s reputation, critics say. “Google must end its shameful delay,” she told parliament.

Legal Basis

You would expect Google to take on all the risks, but they don’t have to take on all the cost. They can be as greedy as they want.” EU Competition Commissioner told BBC World Service there was a very clear legal basis for the U.S.

Search giant’s decision to remove the links and that it was in line with similar rulings in other jurisdictions such as France and Spain. However, she declined to comment on what the Commission would do if Google changed its mind.


Many people in Europe believe the right to be forgotten is an important right that promotes transparency and can help fight human rights abuses and corruption, Vestige said. But she stressed that the case “is not an easy one. Google is not a normal company and it isn’t right that this should be a normal business case,” she said.

Daphne Keller, a professor at Stanford Law School and an expert in Internet law, said it was important to note that Google is not requiring journalists to publish stories deleted by the search engine. Google can take this action at any time,” she said. “If Google.


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